A Cornered Beast is the Most Dangerous: Putin’s Not Happy

"Vladimir Putin Red Square" by IoSonoUnaFotoCamera

Recent reports from top US intelligence officers have shown Putin was incredibly dissatisfied with the performance of his troops in Ukraine.

Further investigation has shown he’s planning to double down on an even more aggressive approach in order to keep his dignity.

During a House Committee hearing, Avril Haines, Director of National Intelligence, expressed her disbelief when she saw the amount of support that came for the people of Ukraine.

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Unfortunately, it seems for Putin, this senseless war has devolved into a matter of retaining his status as an unstoppable force that many considered Russia to be.

It’s exactly why analysts believe he won’t let any setbacks deter him from his plan to conquer Ukraine.

“War in Ukraine” by ivbogdan.com

Now, It’s Personal

So far, any negotiation attempts were shot down by Putin’s constant demands for Ukraine to stay away from NATO and the EU, as it would bring allied forces right to the Russian border.

That’s something Putin and most of his predecessors from the Soviet era have feared most.

CIA director William Burns also weighed in on the matter, stating this “special operation” Putin set into motion in Ukraine has become more of a personal conviction.

The more he’s sanctioned by the West, the more likely Putin is to burn the entirety of Ukraine down to the ground if it’ll get him control over the region.

The biggest hole in Putin’s plan was the misconception the brave people of Ukraine could be intimidated by the Russian military prowess.

Up until recently, the Russian military was considered to be top class, only to be stopped in its tracks by an army of volunteers with next to no military training.

Another thing to note is Russia spent years amassing wealth in order to hedge against any sanctions by the West.

Much like any finite source of an asset, it’s bound to dry up eventually. Since the world’s effectively cut Russia off, the costs of the military operations in Ukraine might have become too much for the Russian economy to handle.

Ukrainians Hold Their Ground

It seems Putin, the man widely considered to have been a great strategist and leader, has been wrong on almost all of his assumptions about Ukraine and its neighbors.

This is exactly what’s causing him to lash out and make his next moves out of anger and frustration.

Burns believes the next couple of weeks will be the ugliest, especially if Putin stops showing any regard for civilian casualties; he’s previously decided to blast areas used as escape routes for Ukrainian refugees fleeing the country.

However, Ukrainians have so far managed to hang on by the skin of their teeth, showing unprecedented resolve and foiling Putin’s plans, one after another.

It’ll be long before these people give up their country to this enraged tyrant.