A Crime Wave Across Joe Biden’s America

Data accumulated during the 4th of July festival shows at least 150 people have been killed across the nation over the long weekend

From Friday to Sunday in the Big Apple, at least 26 people have been shot; this includes at least a handful of the events resulting in the deaths of the victims.

As per the Chicago police, 100 people have been hit by gunshots in the city since Friday evening, culminating in 18 deaths. Despite the fact that detectives are still investigating the instances, no individuals have been apprehended in almost all of them. In just Chicago, 69 of more than 450 shootings happened.

During Friday through Monday, the Gun Crime Archives collected data showing the number of people injured and killed in incidents around the country.

Children Could Not Escape the Violence

Adolescents were among the casualties. A 13-year-old kid was shot and wounded in the hand; a 12-year-old girl remains in serious condition and a 6-year-old child also shot in the hand were among the youngest people wounded in shooting events, according to police.

Two police officers from Chicago were later shot on Monday morning while dispersing a huge crowd, according to Chicago Police Director David Brown, who added that the cops will recover.

Police are Also the Targets of Violence

According to Brown, the recent incident brings the total number of police who have been shot in the area so far this year to 33.

Also according to Cleveland.com, 11 people have been shot in a five-hour span between Sunday and Monday in the city.  From across the city, 17 people were shot over the holiday weekend according to reports. According to the police, neither of the incidents caused deaths.

Elsewhere, two individuals were slain in unrelated shootings in Akron, Ohio, on Monday, according to authorities.

Five distinct attacks happened over a four-hour time span a little after 11 p.m. Sunday, according to Denver police. The five casualties, according to police, looked to have no serious wounds.

A search is begun in Georgia for a man that reportedly fatally shot pro golfer Eugene Siller; this happened on Saturday at the Pinetree Golf Resort in Atlanta after he drove a truck onto the fairway of the golf course’s 10th round. In the truck’s bed, two additional bodies have been uncovered.

According to law enforcement, a Houston policeman was one of at least four people shot in separate instances across the town on Monday. Whereas the official is likely to recover, no information about the other victims of gun violence was immediately released.

Finally, an individual fired multiple rounds near a public car wash in Fort Worth, Texas, soon after 1:30 a.m. Sunday; eight people were injured with a few of the wounded firing back at the suspect.