A Former Twitter Executive is Raising Concerns About the Platform’s Security

Twitter is a leading social media platform that millions and millions of folks use to this day. Many businesses are also on Twitter for the sake of visibility and reaching consumers.

Over the years, Twitter’s been accused of unfairly censoring conservatives. There have also been leaked videos of current Twitter staffers saying they’re communists and not believers in freedom of speech.

However, it would appear the platform currently has bigger fish to fry. A previous executive who worked for the social media giant is now warning that it poses serious risks to America’s national security, as documented by Newsmax.

Reviewing This Serious Warning About Twitter

Peiter Zatko, who worked as Twitter’s security chief previously, is now blowing the lid on what he describes as a serious flaw within the company.

Per Zatko, Twitter’s been lying to both the government and the members of its own board about how secure its platform is. Regarding information protection, the former security chief described Twitter as “grossly negligent.”

He also warned the media, Twitter users, and regulators would be taken aback if they were to learn the true extent of the weak security measures upheld by the company.

In making these very strong claims, Zatko specifically cited that outdated software is used within Twitter’s operations service. On top of this, employees working for the company allegedly have internal entrance to the accounts of Twitter users.

GOP Sen. Chuck Grassley has been clear that he believes Zatko’s claims are serious and worth being looked into. The Republican also pointed out that both privacy and national security concerns are raised amid the former security chief’s claims.

A Different Version of Events From Twitter

In the wake of these allegations from Zatko, Twitter is not taking this laying down.

The company warns that its former security chief was actually fired due to poorly conducting his job and not being able to lead in an appropriate manner.

Next, Twitter declared that Zatko is ultimately spreading “false narratives” about the company and its practices regarding security and privacy.

Twitter also made sure to claim that its ex-security chief has a gripe against the company and is trying to hurt it as part of a revenge scheme.

With Twitter currently in the middle of a heated legal battle with Elon Musk, it’s safe to say the company has its hands full. Musk was previously set to purchase Twitter until he pulled out of the deal, claiming that Twitter was lying about its number of spam bots.

Twitter, meanwhile, is suing as a means of forcing Musk to go through with the initial agreement to buy the company for billions.

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This article appeared in The Conservative Brief and has been published here with permission.