A Rare Word of Praise for George Soros

In Peter Schweizer’s book, Red-Handed: How US Elites Get Super Wealthy Helping China Win, George Soros, a left-wing philanthropist, is one of the few comic book villains who is virtually nonexistent.

The Details

Schweizer reveals how China paid off most of America’s political, social, and economic elite, particularly on the left, undercutting the US’ efforts to rule the world from within.

One strong member of America’s elite, however, stands out because he is not controlled by China: George Soros. In reality, to the degree that Soros features in Schweizer’s work, he does so as one of the nice people, speaking the truth about China’s danger.

“George Soros has chastised [wealth management firm] BlackRock for its economic efforts in China, claiming it is on the ‘wrong side’ of the Western-Beijing conflict.”

Soros also claimed its efforts “will harm the national security of American interests and other democratic governments.” Schweizer makes a point.

For decades, Soros has been criticizing China. Soros cautioned China is a “sworn enemy” and “the largest danger to an inclusive society” in an article for the New York Times in 2019.

“We must realize it. It’s a separate method,” he continued. “It’s very different from ours, absolutely different from ours.”

“We wish the pertinent American can change his attitude, not be myopic, and have an objective, logical, and right judgment of China’s growth,” China said of Soros.

Soros, on the other hand, persisted. He argued in the Wall Street Journal last year BlackRock’s growth in China “endangers the US and other countries’ security interests.”

This is because “the money put in China will assist in prop up President Xi’s dictatorship, which is oppressive at home and belligerent abroad.”

The Securities and Exchange Commission should be given authority to control the flow of funds to China by Congress. “There should be broad support for this effort.”

Soros Keeps the Democrats Slightly on the Right Path

Maybe Soros’ anti-China attitude is one of the causes of why Democrats have rekindled interest in measures that would establish a US industrial strategy to fight with China.

Republicans, on the other hand, have said the Democrats’ package lacks basic safeguards for American technology and spends billions on unrelated left-wing causes.

Furthermore, as Schweizer shows out, Democrats, from the Biden dynasty on down, are awash in Chinese donations, and pro-China lobbyists continue to make millions.

Soros must either put up or shut up.

If he is sincere about combating the Chinese menace, he should divert part of the billions he invests in left-wing organizations to organizations that will truly fight the Chinese regime.

Soros is currently harming America’s ability to confront China. To China’s joy, he is spending millions on left-wing judges who, for instance, allow criminals out of jail and make our big cities untenable.