A Shuttle of Migrants From Texas Touchdowns in NYC, Bringing Total to 1,500

Saturday marked the latest chapter in the ongoing political dispute over illegal immigration, as a truckload of migrants from Texas arrived in New York City. 

On Saturday, Fox News revealed that 96 illegal immigrants were freed into New York City after being driven there on two buses.

On Saturday, Texas Governor Greg Abbott (R) resorted to Twitter to defend the state’s contentious practice, saying that Texas is drawing attention to a national immigration crisis. 

Texas Taking the Blunt of It

With Biden absent from the border, Abbott tweeted that Texas was making up the difference.

He claims to have made over 19,000 detentions, seized over 335.5 million doses of deadly fentanyl, and transported over 7,400 migrants to Washington, DC, and over 1,500 to New York City via bus.

Texas takes charge as Biden does nothing to address the situation.

Since August 5, as part of Operation Lone Star, Texas has shipped over 1,500 migrants to the Big Apple, sparking outrage in the native population.

Even though Washington, D.C. garnered about 7,400 migrants from Texas since April, the state has already been shipping busloads of migrants to other places and states all over the country, drawing similar ire.

Abbott stated this is not a Texas problem, but rather a national one brought on by the president. He said this in a news release, outlining his plans to expedite the repatriation of migrants to New York City.

He continued by saying more people in the United States need to demand the president honor his oath of office and carry out the immigration laws of the country. 

Look to Biden!

According to the New York Post, city officials have struck partnerships with at least 14 hotels to assist in relieving the strain on homeless shelters caused by the flood of migrants.

Mayor Eric Adams of New York City previously spoke out against Texas’s activities and considered sending buses full of New Yorkers to Texas to protest against him. 

He claims to have already instructed his Texas-based friends on how to vote, saying he is seriously considering organizing a busload of New Yorkers to travel south of the border to canvas voters there for the sake of America. 

According to Abbott, both New York City and Washington, D.C. have acted as “shelter cities,” indicating that they have not fully cooperated with government agencies in enforcing immigration laws.

He thinks this will raise awareness among Washington officials about how the migration crisis near Texas’ borders impacts the state.

“Mayor Adams loves the slogan ‘This is America, and we need to start behaving like it,’” Governor Abbott stated.

“We are a legal system. The time has come to actually enforce them. It would bring back the ‘humanity’ he so desperately claims to seek out.”

This article appeared in NewsHouse and has been published here with permission.