Abbott and Trump to Visit the Border Soon

Whenever it relates to border control, Texas Governor Greg Abbott has promised to just do what he thinks the Biden administration has refused to do.

To take things a step further, Abbott will visit the US-Mexico border alongside former US President Trump this week and promises to keep building a wall along the border.

Abbott passed measures prohibiting the study of CRT or critical race theory in the state and enabling Texans to carry weapons without the need for a license in recent months.

Wednesday’s interaction with Trump along the border will certainly garner a lot of attention from across the country.

Abbott is Taking the Lead for Conservative Governors 

Also, tomorrow’s border visit arrives only two weeks before the Texas state legislature returns for an emergency session, called by the governor. This session is to approve laws tightening voting access regulations, a Republican objective.

Abbott has been causing stress for Biden in recent weeks, while still preparing for a third term as governor of Texas in 2022.

Abbott said two weeks earlier in an interview on Fox News’ Hannity that he has also seen people pouring across the border. Abbott says this is hurting Texans and that as a leader, he cannot let his own people be injured or harmed by these individuals.

Abbott confirmed that in order to restrict the tide of refugees crossing the border illegally into Texas, temporary border fencing will be built; this will come as part of his promise to complete the building of the wall on the border. This wall began under the Trump administration, but was halted at the start of the Biden presidential term.

Abbott is also increasing the deployment of the police department along the border, along with prosecuting and imprisoning those caught intruding on personal land without permission.

Texas is Leading the Way for National Government

Texas will follow through with what the Biden government has refused to do. Texas is stepping up to secure its borders. The state shall make use of every legal tool at its disposal.

The Lone Star State will ensure that the wall is built, that illegal immigrants are arrested, and also that Texas is safe. A message to Congress will also be sent for them to do the job they were elected to do. Abbott confirmed all of this to Sean Hannity of Fox News.

Abbott’s veteran top strategist David Carney told reporters that the plan for Trump’s Southern border trip has been in the works for months. Trump wanted to see personally what’s been happening and what the governor’s intentions were, according to Carney, and the governor welcomed him.

The president will receive a briefing from the governor and his highest level Homeland Security officials, according to Carney.

Carney also stated that the two leaders and some other House GOP members will tour the border area along the wall, which was built by Trump’s policies and ended abruptly by the Biden government.