Accuser of Joe Biden Puts Out Critical Statement

During the 2020 presidential election, former Biden staffer Tara Reade came out and stated that she was sexually assaulted by then-candidate Biden when she worked for him during his time as a senator.

Biden, of course, denied the allegations. Allies of the current president were also quick to assert that Reade’s claims were motivated by politics, rather than real events.

Though with the possibility of Reade now preparing to testify before Congress, she’s put out a very public statement that is raising some eyebrows, as Fox News reports.

A Sobering Message

Tara Reade tweeted out that if anything happens to her after her potential testimony before Congress, then all Joe Biden is the one responsible. Reade also made it clear that she stands by her allegations of Biden sexually assaulting her when he was a senator.

Later, Reade revealed that GOP Reps. Marjorie Greene and Matt Gaetz invited her to provide testimony before Congress. This comes as House GOP members are working to get to the bottom of corruption surrounding not just Biden, but also various members of his family.

Reade made it clear that she wants Joe Biden and other members of the Democratic establishment to leave her alone and cease their efforts to silence her.

More From Tara Reade

It didn’t take long for Reade’s warning to go viral, with much of the news media covering it. In response, Reade said there’s nothing at all that’s “cryptic” about her message.

She likewise made it clear that she’s not going to allow herself to be intimidated by anyone in the government, politics, or in other areas.

So far, it remains to be seen if Reade does end up testifying before Congress. If she does, though, the White House can count on being asked about this during the daily press briefings.