Afghanistan Is Over – Republican Leaders Are Furious

This Sunday, one of humankind’s most spectacular guerrilla operations entered Afghanistan’s capital Kabul; this prompted the country’s leader to leave, while nations hurried forces to the airports to rescue their residents.

As the insurgents loomed at the capital city’s outskirts, the Afghan administration was pushed to cede power on Sunday. All U.S. Embassy workers in Kabul, such as the operation’s chief diplomat, were relocated to the airport terminal. President Ashraf Ghani left Afghanistan, according to Afghan officials.

According to two US sources, the embassy will most likely be closed by Tuesday; yet, some personnel will be able to continue working from a complex near the airport.

This airport will be guarded by about 5,000 US troops who will shuttle between both the mission and the airfield. Other US diplomats will take aircraft returning to the United States. CNN was the first to report on the complete evacuation.

According to one of the authorities, US authorities in the country had been in contact with Ghani assistants about the potential of handing Kabul over to a changeover government.

This could happen in exchange for a period of military truce, but the fast-moving events in the Afghan city may have made those talks useless.

Republican Leaders Are Furious

Throughout a confidential meeting with senior Biden officials on Sunday, Minority Leader Kevin McCarthy erupted in rage at President Joe Biden’s management of the US withdrawal, calling it an “outrage” that will resonate for generations.

In the latest demonstration of GOP indignation over the United States’ attempts to conclude its lengthiest war, the California Republican blasted the Biden government.

McCarthy accused the White House of lacking a concrete strategy as U.S. forces left the country after almost 20 years, drawing comparisons to Vietnam at one stage.

Is the US Border Under Threat Now?

McCarthy said America must examine our own borders. We must also ask ourselves: are we going to be safe at home in the upcoming days?

McCarthy’s tirade occurred during a roughly hour-long telephone conversation with Antony Blinken who is Secretary of State, the Defense Secretary, and Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of staff Mark Milley.

The declassified briefing came only minutes after officials announced that Afghan President Hamid Karzai had left the country. The Afghan government had been on the verge of collapse while the call was being made.

As per attendees on the conversation, Austin responded to the GOP complaints by pointing to the Afghan Army’s supposed lack of commitment in fighting the terrorist group.

Austin said that they didn’t possess will or direction. These comments, on the other hand, infuriated Republicans on the conference, such as Rep. Mike Waltz (R-Fla.).

Waltz fought in Afghanistan and witnessed the government pinning their failed policy on Afghans who died fighting alongside US soldiers all throughout the war.