Afghanistan Once Again Teaming with Islamist Terrorists Threatening America

Afghanistan is once again teaming with Islamist terrorists wishing death to America, thanks to President Biden’s catastrophic and utterly humiliating loss of the 20-year-long war on terror, a British intelligence chief warned.

Biden’s Afghanistan Defeat Already Bearing Terrorist Fruit

In August of last year, Biden managed to lose America’s longest war in just a few days; his total withdrawal of the last remaining 2,500 US troops caused the immediate downfall of the Afghan government and the crumbling of the Afghan military.

Thus, the entire country was handed back in no time to Taliban terrorists who hosted and actively aided al-Qaeda for its horrifying attacks on September 11, 2001, in New York City and Washington, DC.

To top it all off, Biden was forced by his own terrible mistakes to perform an utterly botched airlift evacuation of civilians; this made America the laughingstock of the world and caused the needless death of 13 US troops in a suicide terrorist attack by the Islamic State.

With Afghanistan fully controlled by the Taliban for more than six months now, the country has once again become a “breeding ground for terror”, Ken McCallum, the head of British intelligence service MI5 warned.

McCallum declared there are Islamist extremists from Britain already trying to travel to Afghanistan to join the terrorists there.

The British intelligence chief declared the terrorist networks and infrastructure in the Central Asian country are “reconstituting” already, shortly after Biden’s apocalyptic pullout.

Return to Large-Scale Terrorist Plots Against the West

McCallum warned already in September that MI5, the UK’s main counter-intelligence and domestic security agency, expected a spike “in inspired terrorism” and boosting of Islamist plots linked or inspired by al-Qaeda.

This is a direct consequence of the Taliban re-conquest of Afghanistan. Now, however, the British counter-intelligence chief revealed aspiring UK jihadists are already starting to try to go Afghanistan.

He told the Daily Mail the terrorist organizations in Afghanistan are reforming and may be able to carry out “sophisticated operations” against the UK and the West as a whole; the United States is naturally the top target of Islamist terrorism.

In his words, the terrorism risks identified by MI5 last fall are beginning to materialize, noting that Afghanistan is likely to be the new “magnet” for the West’s homegrown extremists the way ISIS, the Islamic State in Iraq and Syria, was for several years.

McCallum warned with Afghanistan now safely a base for global Islamist terrorism just like it was prior to 9/11, there is a major risk that terrorists will seek to return to the organizing of “large scale plots” designed to cause mass casualties.

For instance, back in 2006, there was an Islamist plot to use liquid explosives in order to blow up seven transatlantic flights taking off from London’s Heathrow Airport.