A Warning to Those in Ukraine

In light of President Biden’s warning that Russia may attack Ukraine at any time, the United Kingdom and the Euro Zone recommended their nationals to evacuate, while passenger airlines are still flying.

Any Day Now

With an alleged 130,000 Russian troops stockpiled at the border, the US claimed Russia could attack Ukraine “any day now.” President Biden warned things could go crazy very fast.

As a result, the British government changed its travel advice, advising British citizens against traveling to Ukraine in any capacity.

The government advised British citizens in Ukraine to “leave now while economic options are still open,” implying the threat of military intervention in Ukraine escalated as a result of “Russian soldiers building upon Ukraine’s borders.”

The Foreign, Commonwealth, and Growth Office also asserted “some Embassy staff, as well as their dependent children”, have been removed from the British consulate in Kyiv, Ukraine.

Tobias Ellwood, the founder of the Defense Select Committee, described the incident as Britain’s “Cuban missile crisis moment.”

Despite scaring Russia with financial penalties, Britain is hesitant to go to war with Russia if they attack Ukraine; they have stated all of its military troops will be leaving the country.

The European Union has also issued a warning to citizens and employees to leave the country, with EU Ukrainian Envoy Matti Maasikas asking all non-essential personnel to “leave Ukraine ASAP.”

Brussels, on the other hand, insisted this is not an exodus, with EU spokesperson Peter Stano telling the EU Observer on Friday, “we are not evacuating.”

Non-essential employees have been offered the ability to telework from outside the nation for the time being.

What Will Come of Another Meeting?

On Saturday, President Biden will meet with Vladimir Putin in an attempt to de-escalate regional tensions.

Like his European friends, the Democrat president asked Americans inside Ukraine to “leave now,” warning if American and Russian troops begin firing at each other, the situation may escalate into a “global war.”

Despite the West’s worries, Putin is certain Russia does not wish to invade Ukraine; nonetheless, in order to avoid seeming weak domestically, Putin is unlikely to turn back and withdraw his troops from the Russian border without gaining compromises from the West.

The Russians claim NATO is the aggressor in the issue, claiming by stationing soldiers in countries bordering Ukraine, the West has taken an “aggressive” position against the former Soviet republic.

“The White House’s hysteria is exposing more than ever. The West requires warfare at any price. Provocations, misinformation, and threats are preferred methods of resolving their own issues,” said Maria Zakharova, a spokesperson for the Russian Foreign Ministry.

While Ukraine has voiced alarm, it minimized the prospect of a Russian invasion; yet, as a precaution, it has been conducting its own combat training and drills, which include people.