America Is About to be Tested on All Fronts

"chinese-military" by Digi_shot is licensed under CC BY-NC-ND 2.0

Since the Biden Administration took over, its weakness in foreign policy has become apparent to America’s enemies.  China, Russia, North Korea, and Iran are sure to test the world’s most powerful nation in the weeks and months to come. 

Last week Friday, China violated Taiwan’s airspace with the largest show of force seen in recent years. 20 Chinese military aircraft, allegedly practicing operations against US warships, violated the island nation’s airspace according to the defense ministry of Taiwan.

As if that’s not enough to rattle Washintons cage, The Russian military is reportedly moving at an alarming rate towards the Ukrainian border. This comes after fighting in eastern Ukraine started hotting up after cease-fire talks.


It is important to note that Russian military numbers in the area were already at higher numbers due to an exercise earlier last month, however since the exercise ended, the troops that took part have stayed in place. The troop movements witnessed now, are fresh units, not previously on operations.

National security reporter, Jack Detsch tweeted: “DoD trying to figure out whether Russia is renewing its offensive in E Ukraine with 4,000 troops on the move or simply exercising, as US European Command raised watch level. “We’ve reached out to Russia to try to gain a little more clarity on what’s going on” spox John Kirby”

Altho we don’t know the true scale of military equipment being rushed to the border, we know for sure that it was significant enough that the Russian rail network was so significantly disrupted by the movement that commercial rail was unable to function. 

This aggressive activity on behalf of Russia and China is incredibly worrying. Many Americans fear that the Biden administration is not properly deployed to counter this threat and won’t cope with the high levels of stress that it brings.

It is clear that America’s enemies smell blood in the water, they will continue to push until they achieve their objectives without any real retaliation from the states. Under the Obama administration, North Korea tested the boundaries almost every day, launching rockets and sometimes real attacks on South Korean towns. 

Under Trump, we had half a decade of peace, but unfortunately, that time has come to a swift end with North Korea launching rockets again, China violating Taiwan airspace, and Russia encroaching on the Ukrainian border. 

Strap in for a rough four years under the Biden administration, because this is only the beginning.