America Loses a Great General to COVID After Two Vaccines

According to his relatives, Colin Powell, 84, (a decorated four-star soldier who served as the first African-American Secretary of State) passed away Monday as a consequence of complications with COVID-19.

Powell was Fully Vaccinated Against COVID

Powell’s relatives indicated in a message on Facebook that he was properly immunized against COVID-19. With his passing, the military veteran and statesman became the most well-known American public personality to die from COVID’s so-called breakout epidemic.

“We would like to express our gratitude to the medical personnel at Walter Reed National Medical Clinic for their kind care,” the Powells stated in a release. “A terrific and loving spouse, father, grandpa, and great American has passed away.”

Powell was the first and only African-American Director of National Intelligence, the first African-American Joint Chief of Staff, and the youngest individual to hold either position.

Powell was commonly referred to as the best popular American commander since Dwight Eisenhower. Also, he was often considered a possible presidential contender, but never decided to run.

When President George Bush named Powell to lead the State Department in December 2000, he stated, “Gen. Powell is an honorable man, an American exemplar, and an America’s Greatest Story. When a child of the Bronx rises to the post first held by Thomas Jefferson, it’s a beautiful day.”

“I will indeed say of Gen. Powell what President Harry S. Truman said of Gen. Marshall. He is a building of power and good judgment,” Bush said of another conscientious, sharp military commander who later became Secretary of State.

Powell Saw America’s Biggest Military Successes

Powell’s decades in the public spotlight were mostly marked by battles with Iraq, for better or for worse. In 1991, President George H.W. Bush led a victorious effort to free Kuwait from Iraq, marking America’s greatest decisive victory since the debacle that would be the Vietnam War.

The other, which began in 2003 under the younger Bush, was an effort to thwart Saddam Hussein’s administration from utilizing atomic bombs. This is a war that damaged Powell and other Western officials when it became evident such bombs didn’t even exist.

Powell stated in his 2012 book, “It Happened For Me: In Life and Management,” he was primarily upset with himself for not having scented the problem. “It was my intuition that failed me.”

Colin Luther Powell, the child of Jamaican migrants Luther and Maud Powell, was born April 5, 1937, in New York’s Harlem district. He later reflected on his youth, saying, “I was a happy-go-lucky youngster.”

“Raised by foreign families in a working-class community of New York’s South Bronx, Powell neverĀ excelled in academic studies or sports in general. He also did not showcase the outgoing characteristics so often affiliated with rapidly growing new leaders,” wrote Jeffrey J. Matthews in his 2019 novel “Colin Powell: Inherently flawed Patriot.”