America Secretly Keeping Putin’s Russia in Check on Nuclear War Threats

(Video snapshot)

The US government has spent months dispatching secret warnings to atrocious Russian tyrant Vladimir Putin not to resort to the use of nuclear weapons in his war against Ukraine.

In doing so, Putin is being threatened with severe consequences, per a new report.

Two Nuke Scenarios for the Russian Tyrant

For years, Putin has been hinting at Russia’s preparedness to “destroy” the free world with its nuclear arsenal.

However, he issued a more direct threat against the United States and its allies on February 24, when he ordered 200,000 of his troops to invade Ukraine.

Seven months later, the Russian autocrat has seen himself forced to announce mass mobilization. In doing that, earlier this week, he warned western nations that he would unleash “weapons of destruction” against Russia’s enemies.

Western, Ukrainian, and Russian military observers have been discussing two “nuclear options” for Putin. The first would be to nuke Ukraine with one or more tactical warheads. This would draw America and the US-led NATO alliance into the war against Russia.

The second one is the doomsday scenario known from the Cold War Era as an all-out nuclear war between Russia and the West. This scenario would likely cause the demise of humankind.

Although judging from the terrible maintenance and performance of Russian weapons systems in Ukraine so far, some analysts have cautioned many of Russia’s nukes may “misfire” or be unusable.

(Social media video snapshot shows Russian conscripts drinking before getting sent to the front line in Ukraine.)

‘Grave Consequences’ for Moscow at the Hands of the United States

A new report by The Washington Post revealed the US government has been using back channels in order to send private warnings to Putin and his inner circle.

Any kind of usage of nuclear weapons by Moscow is going to bring “grave consequences” for Russia.

Thus, the US Department of State has been “consistently” telling Russia over the past several months about the consequences it is going to suffer in that cast at the hands of the United States.

The report notes it remains unknown whether Washington, DC sent new warnings to the Russians since Putin’s speech earlier this week where he once again threatened the free world with his nukes.

In the same speech, the Moscow tyrant announced the mass mobilization of military-aged Russian males to fight in his war of aggression in Ukraine; new reports show his order contained a blanked-out paragraph stating up to 1.2 million men could be mobilized.

More direct, even deranged nuclear threats have been coming from Dmitry Medvedev, Putin’s close ally, who even subbed for him as president of Russia from 2009-2013.

Medvedev, who is presently a deputy chair of Russia’s security council, has been ranting on social media with far more direct threats against both the West and the Ukrainians.

Meanwhile, in a new interview, Putin’s first Prime Minister, Mikhail Kasyanov, who served from 2000-2004 (and is presently in exile abroad as an opposition figure fearing persecution), declared the Moscow dictator is bluffing with his new nuclear war threats.

This article appeared in BeyondNews and has been published here with permission.