American Dad Standing in Bread Line Gunned Down by Russian Troops in Ukraine

(Facebook photo of brave American dad Jimmy Hill who was killed by Putin's troops in Ukraine for no reason whatsoever)

Another American has been killed in Ukraine by the invader troops of Russian mass murderer Vladimir Putin.

To add insult to injury, the man was gunned down together with a dozen Ukrainians as they were just waiting in line to buy bread in a largely destroyed city.

Russia’s military has been wreaking havoc in much of Ukraine ever February 24 when it was sent in by Putin to try to conquer Ukraine.

The propaganda-touted Russian military has proven itself to be vastly incompetent; however, it still managed to kill thousands of civilians, including at least 109 children.

He Never Abandoned the Woman He Loved

The latest American victim of Putin’s war crimes in Ukraine is 67-year-old lecturer Jimmy Hill of Idaho. He was in the country in order to care for his sick partner receiving medical treatment.

Hill’s Ukrainian partner, Ira, has multiple sclerosis; the pair came back to Ukraine for long-awaited treatment in December.

They were unable to leave because of her illness. The valiant American, who is a father of one, couldn’t leave his partner behind. She got trapped in a regional hospital in Ukraine’s northeast, one of the first regions to be attacked by the invading Russians.

Lecturer Jimmy Hill is the second American to be killed in Ukraine. His death was announced on Thursday on Facebook by his sisters in the US.

Prior to that, US Secretary of State Antony Blinken confirmed another American citizen had been killed by the Russians.

According to a report by The Daily Mail, Jimmy Hill has an adult son from a prior relationship. His relatives made it clear he died caring for his partner Ira, the woman he loved.

(Facebook photo shows Jimmy Hill’s partner Ira sick with multiple sclerosis in the Ukrainian hospital)

It’s ‘the Psychos in the Kremlin’

Idaho native Jimmy Hill was very active on Facebook until the day he was killed by the Russians.

He was documenting with regular posts the couple’s ordeal as they remained stuck in Ukraine’s Chernihiv and couldn’t leave because of Ira’s condition.

Hill’s posts betray a great spirit and an acute sense of humor, even in the face of the darkness brought to Ukraine by Putin’s brutal hordes.

In a Facebook post dated March 7, the American father of one shared how in Chernihiv “people were able to sleep” for two nights with limited Russian rocket fire, and they had food.

Hill also detailed how he and Ira were hoping to be able to evacuate through a green corridor, but also came all the way to Chernihiv waiting for a drug, such as rituximab, to stop the progression of his beloved woman’s deadly disease.

Other posts the brave American man made over the past three weeks detail how they were spending the nights in bomb shelters, and how he was struggling to find medication for Ira.

Recently, a local TV station in Idaho aired a report about how he got stuck in Ukraine amid the Russians’ invasion.

He shared his view of how the war in Ukraine was the fault of the “psychos in the Kremlin”, and particularly of “one man” – the butcher of the Ukrainians, and now of another American citizen, Vladimir Putin.