Americans Are Being Advised to Leave Ukraine

Ukraine remains involved in the war to defend itself against Russia. Roughly six months ago, Russia unleashes troops and forces on Ukraine, expecting to conquer the country within days.

It didn’t shake out that way, though; many Russian troops ended up getting far more than they bargained for. One factor that’s really been helping out Ukraine is the weapons it received from western nations.

This allows the smaller country to have a fighting chance against Putin’s troops who want to kill, rape, and bludgeon their way into winning this war.

Some American citizens have briefly visited Ukraine to meet with President Zelenskyy and even show support for the people fighting against the Russians. However, in a new turn, the US Embassy is now telling any Americans to leave Ukraine while they still can, per Newsmax.

What to Know About the US Embassy’s Warning

According to Kyiv, Ukraine’s US Embassy, there’s a very real possibility of Russian forces increasing attacks against Ukraine within the next several days.

Per the State Department, these attacks will be geared toward Ukraine’s government buildings and infrastructure often used by civilians.  Americans in the nation are therefore advised to leave via private modes of transportation.

Kyiv has also taken various measures of its own accord to minimize casualties as the Russians are preparing fresh attacks. One such example includes prohibiting open celebrations of the nation’s Independence Day.

This, unfortunately, would be a prime opportunity for Russians to strike and maximize the damage they seek to inflict upon Ukraine.

Since the war in Ukraine began, there’s been an overflow of support from American citizens and other westerners. Many businesses and companies have also shown support for Ukraine amid the war by removing themselves from Russia and Belarus, an ally nation to Russia.

No Telling When This Ends

Multiple reports indicate that Russian President Vladimir Putin is incensed over this war dragging on for as long as it has. The same sentiment is also rumored to lie within various aides close to Putin.

Then again, new reports dictate that some individuals within Putin’s circle are eager for the war to end; if nothing else, the sanctions barring them from using their funds and traveling to certain countries haven’t boded well.

With new weapons from the West, Ukraine’s also been in a better position to return fire to Russia and make certain pockets of Russian troops retreat. Zelenskyy remains adamant that Ukraine will never bow to Russia or give up this fight.

All things considered, there’s truly no telling just how much longer Ukraine and Russia will remain entangled in this war.

What do you think about the US Embassy advising Americans to leave Ukraine at this time? Let us know in the comments area what you believe comes next.

This article appeared in The Conservative Brief and has been published here with permission.