Americans are More Scared of Biden Than COVID

In what appears to be terrible news for President Joe Biden and the Democrat Party, a new Journalist and Center for Public Affairs Study survey was just released.

In early December, the survey discovered anxiety from coronavirus is just no longer the top concern among Americans, amid inflation and rising costs of living dwarfing coronavirus.

The Economy is Scaring People

According to the poll, 68 percent of respondents named the economy as a key concern for 2022, compared to 37 percent who named the coronavirus.

Only 37% of Americans say the virus is one of their five top national priorities for 2022, down from 53% who said it was a key concern a year ago.

In the open-ended question, the economy outperformed the pandemic, with 68 percent of respondents naming it in some manner as a top 2022 concern.

Last year, a comparable percentage answered the same thing, but this year’s comments of hyperinflation are far higher: 14% this year, opposed to less than 1% last year.

“However, over double as many Americans now identify their home finances, specifically the cost of living, as a legislative concern. 24 percent vs. 12 percent last year,” the Associated Press reported.

“Product prices rose 6.8% for the year beginning in November, a roughly four-year record.”

In response to the Biden government’s activities concerning the coronavirus, Adam Brandon, chairman of FreedomWorks, said, “This isn’t the win the Democrats had hoped for.”

“Next year, we’ll have yet another tsunami. I don’t think anyone will notice. I believe we will eventually reach a point where everyone will have to learn to live with it. People will lose interest in this; it will die with a whimper.”

According to a recent Fox Business poll, 47% of participants agree President Biden’s laws are “hurting” the economic system.

Only 22% genuinely think they are “helping,” according to the Daily Wire.

“Similarly, 46% believe Biden’s welfare spending agenda will ‘push rising prices higher,’ while 21% genuinely think it will ‘help lower inflation.'”

People are Struggling

Two-thirds of citizens have experienced financial hardship as a result of rising costs in the last six months. In lesser homes, the percentage rises to three-quarters.

People feel the president’s economic plans have harmed them, rather than benefitted them personally, by a margin of more than two-to-one.

This is partly due to the fact that over two-thirds of Republicans think they’ve been harmed, compared to nearly five times as many Democrats.

In a December 2018 Fox News poll, one-third of Democrats felt they had been harmed by former President Trump’s fiscal plans.

Only one out of every six voters believe they are in better financial shape than they were a year earlier; the majority of people are unhappy with their own financial circumstances.

This is a shift from August when more than half of respondents indicated their earnings were in good shape.