Americans Sick of Transgenderism More Than Ever, Poll Shows

Americans are more fed up than ever with the constant propagating of the ideology of transgenderism.

It is incessantly being pushed upon Americans by the mainstream far-left media, Hollywood, college campuses, and now the Democrat-run federal government and K-12 institutions.

Transgenderism is a Special Brand of Marxism

That is according to the results from a new public opinion poll.

This poll shows a record-high number of Americans now openly declare the country has “gone too far” in the acceptance of made-up identities promoted by transgenderism and gender ideology.

Both transgenderism and wokeness are reincarnations of Marxism-Communism. Their proponents are hoping they will destroy freedom, democracy, capitalism, and America, replacing them with a far-left, totalitarian anti-utopia.

Transgenderism has been particularly vicious in this regard.

It follows the principle of Marxism, stating anything you just care to make up is real. It has been increasingly targeting America’s most innocent to convince them to mutilate their bodies for the sake of a sexual, ideological perversion.

On top of that, there are bullies attacking good American parents standing up in defense of this nation’s children.

Speaking out against transgenderism is extremely hard nowadays because of bullying and physical acts of aggression from the Marxist-Communist extremist mob.

More Americans Outraged by Transgenderism, Fewer Support It

For the first time now, a whopping 33% of Americans say the nation’s acceptance of transgenderism has “gone too far,” per the results of a poll by NBC News.

The same poll shows 25% of Americans as believing the country actually achieved a “reasonable balance” in handling “transgender people.”

Another 35% are registered as saying the United States has to do away with “discrimination” against “transgender people,” apparently representing the group of the far-left Marxist mob.

Even the poll by pro-Marxist NBC News captured a tangible shift in the degree to which the American public is willing to tolerate transgenderism and gender ideology.

Merely several months ago, back in August 2021, the same poll found 26% of Americans thought the nation had “gone too far” in that regard.

38% thought it hadn’t actually gone “far enough” to shield the transgender community from“discrimination.

The results from the poll suggest American society is waking up to the many potential dangers, or at least controversies, associated with unbridled propaganda in favor of transgenderism.

In one such example, nearly 30 members of the US House of Representatives sent a letter to Biden’s Department of Homeland Security, expressing outrage over an “ideology-driven” newly formulated “transgender policy.”

The fact of the matter, however, is Marxists would rather see America burn than care for its national security.

The group in question appears to be inherently opposed to the very notions of democracy, liberty, and capitalism. They are increasingly using their imagined role of “victims” to attack anybody who doesn’t kowtow to their sickening ideology.