America’s Immigration Courts Are Collapsing

The immigration crisis in this country can’t be exaggerated. It’s extremely serious, with over 1.6 million illegals being apprehended at our southern border last year alone.

Though one issue which has received less coverage and attention is just how badly our immigration courts are broken.

US law requires those seeking asylum in the United States be processed and have a hearing in court. Although the courts can’t handle the volume of demands on them.

It’s getting much worse under the Biden administration.

How Bad is the Problem?

The problem is much worse than many realize.

Our nation’s immigration courts are currently behind by 1.7 million cases. There are literally 1.7 million people waiting to find out about their immigration status because of how overwhelmed our immigration courts are right now.

This has accelerated badly under the Biden administration. The proof is simple: Biden has been in office a little over a year. In that time, the backlog swelled from 1.3 million to 1.7 million.

That’s a growth of 400,000 cases in a year, compared to many years of built-up cases prior, adding up to 1.3 million.

Let’s be clear: 1.3 million is still far, far too many. Though the rate at which immigration court backup is accelerating under Biden is a genuine national security disaster.

The main issue is very simple: the Biden regime and Department of Homeland Security (DHS) chief Alejandro Mayorkas have no serious plan for our southern border.

Mayorkas even recently and shamefully suggested taking doctors and money from our Veterans Administration in congressional testimony.

The only thing Biden and his crew of fools are doing is hiring more judges to face the increasing demand.

There are now 559 immigration judges. This does very little to handle this amount of cases, however; the brokenness of our border only adds to it.

The Same Playbook

The crisis on our border is deadly serious, but you wouldn’t know it by the way Biden and Mayorkas are reacting to it. They treat it as a political game.

Hiring judges won’t make this problem go away. Playing legal games with asylum hearings and legally redesignating different case categories is also not going to really change things.

What would change things is an effective wall and the enforcement of our laws right at the border.

Though with Title 42 expiring on May 23, we can look forward to even the ability to send asylum seekers away until their hearings disappearing.

That means hundreds of thousands of more cases on our legal system and crushing our resources.

The Bottom Line

This country can’t sustain an illegal immigration invasion. This has nothing to do with race or prejudice and everything to do with basic logic.

We need a secure border and we need it now.