An Example of Leftist Hypocrisy

After a couple of its executives advised discredited ex-New York Gov. Andrew Cuomo (when he was initially charged with sexual assault last year), Time’s Up declared a “major reset” on Friday. They stated the women’s rights group will be “rebuilt from scratch.”

How Will They Deal with the Fallout?

“Time’s Up’s executive board announced a significant reset of the female’s advocacy group,” reads a message on the group’s website. The move “follows the conclusion of an early step of a complete management assessment by an external contractor,” as per the group.

“This is a necessary reset, not a surrender,” stated Gabrielle Sulzberger, board chairwoman. “Time’s Up calls for workplace responsibility and structural change. It is our responsibility to learn from these results.”

“We must focus on developing an institution that effectively supports women of all types and puts an end to the lawlessness of professional harassment and assault.”

In addition to temporary Chief Executive Officer Monifa Bandele stepping down, the group will change its present personnel. “Current programmatic activities are ending January 1” and “employees are exiting receiving severance until March 1, 2022,” according to the announcement.

“Its transition team, including the remaining board members, will instantly start phase two of the program, working on defining new processes and daily operations for Time’s Up moving forward,” the organization declared in a statement.

“This will entail transforming the organization to become more focused, open, and inclusive. We will not give up. We will not give up the gains made in the last few years for gender rights and security,” Bandele stated.

“Our movement, as well as the stakes for our entire civilization and subsequent generations, are far greater than any single organization or position.”

After it was reported that Time’s Up CEO Tina Tchen and chairwoman Roberta Kaplan were counseling Cuomo’s campaign after former worker Lindsey Boylan accused him of sexual misconduct in December 2020, they resigned in August.

According to text exchanges, Tchen instructed her coworkers to “stand down” from a plan to issue a press announcement backing Boylan. The texts were sent after two employees in the group spoke with Melissa DeRosa, a top Cuomo assistant.

Time’s Up proposed a major overhaul in September, vowing to replace the whole board.

Terrorist Shooting in Israel – Where is the Outrage?

On Sunday, a Palestinian shooter from the Hamas terrorist organization opened fire near Jerusalem’s Wailing Wall, killing one person and wounded four others, two of which are in a critical state.

Fadi Abu Shkhaidem, a 42-year-old east Jerusalem jihadist, fired numerous rounds from a Beretta M12 machine pistol before being fatally shot by security personnel.

The attack occurred 48 hours when British Prime Minister Boris Johnson declared Hamas to be a terror group in its entirety, rather than simply its political arm.