Another Conservative Suspended From Twitter

"twitter app" by stockcatalog is licensed under CC BY 2.0

Aligning copyright infringements, Beauty guru Amanda Ensings Twitter account has been suspended. This isn’t the first time the popular artist has been “canceled”. Amanda was removed from Sephora, a French beauty company for holding conservative views.

Amanda told the Daily Wire what happened.

“I had no idea that I had gotten suspended but I checked my inbox and saw an email from Twitter saying due to ‘multiple copyright infringement notifications,’” Ensing said.

“My Minimal Makeup” by JillWillRun is licensed under CC BY-NC-ND 2.0

Twitter said in an email that her account had been suspended due to copyright claims and that there is no way to remedy the situation.

“Your account has been suspended as the result of multiple copyright infringement notifications,” the email reads. “We cannot offer you advice on whether certain content is authorized for your use or not, nor can we advise on whether to request a retraction or submit a counter-notification … You should consult with your own legal counsel if you have questions about these processes … It is your responsibility to know Twitter’s policies.”

A screen shot of the email provided by Daily Wire

It is important to note that the content in question was removed from her Twitter account several months prior to the banning.

Interestingly, Amanda was suspended one day after she shared a meme of Donald Trump at CPAC 2021 saying: “Miss Me Yet?”

“Seems to me, [people] didn’t like my political views so [they] dug up a video from 2016 that Twitter even says, ‘we cannot offer you advice on,’” Ensing said. “Meanwhile, they leave violence, child pornography, and dictators tweeting about genocide but my makeup video was against their guidelines?”

It is not surprising that Twitter has done this. as we all know, if you are a conservative, popular, and have made the slightest offense according to the despots on the radical left, you are doomed to the eternity of social media prison and condemnation.

The banning of conservative figures really took hold after President Donald Trump was banned following the riots at the Capitol building in Washington DC on the 6th of January 2021. Big tech used it as an excuse to silence conservatives left right and center. We all know they had been waiting for the perfect oppertunity to implement wide spread social sercoring, and Amanda is just the latest victim.

What is so wrong with conservative values anyway? Absolutely nothing is the answer.