AOC Booed by Upset Audience

Activists in NYC expressed their rage and displeasure with the borders, the debt limit, and the massive military support given to Ukraine.

People Have Had Enough

In a town hall meeting on Friday, a portion of the audience yelled at Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez. The audience was antagonistic toward her because of her views on immigration, financing for Ukraine, and the debt ceiling.

Speaking to Corona, Queens, AOC was interrupted multiple times by hecklers and boo-boo-ers, who were then yelled down by the “Squad” member’s followers.

One guy, carrying little American flags, said American people must be placed before migrants, as he approached Ocasio-Cortez. He queried how Ocasio-Cortez feels about the immigration issue. He also swore at her.

The man was promptly removed by security guards.

In addition, the guy echoed the untrue assertion that migrants were being forced to leave New York City motels in order to make way for members of the military.

An individual who identified himself as an Iraq War veteran made an effort to control the raucous throng in favor of the congresswoman.

After being given the opportunity to talk, the man remarked that immigrants have little to very little involvement with veterans, while holding a microphone. “Ellis Island was our common entry point. Things have changed. Things evolve with time.”

Ocasio-Cortez declared during a discussion on the June 5 debt default deadline that she thinks the Biden administration ought to do away with the debt ceiling. She asserted the U.S. economy would experience extreme turmoil if the cap weren’t raised.

U.S. Provides Billions to Ukraine

The man was promptly removed by security guards.

Protesters pointed out that the US has given Ukraine military aid worth billions of dollars. Since Russia attacked in late February 2022, the Biden administration has granted Ukraine close to $40 billion in military assistance.