Apparently The Government Doesn’t Want Lockdowns – Yeah, Right!

One of the state’s leading public health experts told reporters Monday that perhaps the Biden government was trying to avoid shutdowns at all expenses.

This comes in the wake of a sharp increase in cases of the Covid-19 Delta subtype; this increase spurred an alteration of national masking supervision and more strict coronavirus-related instructions across the nation.

Francis Collins, general manager of the National Institutes of Health, urged more people to get immunized. He claims most forecasts say we’re in for a very hard August, September, and October.

He cautioned that American citizens would’ve been forced to accept widely disliked risk reduction measures to avoid the pervasive lockdown guidelines that the country experienced earlier in the disease outbreak.

To avoid repeat closures, schools will want to have children masked so that they’re not the cause of the outbreak. Collins said if we want to prevent a more catastrophic outcome (that would lead to more drastic measures like shutdowns), we know how to do it. All we have to do now is take action.

Collins’ comments echoed President Joe Biden’s main medical advisor (and head of National Institute of Allergies and Viral Infections at Collins’ NIH), Anthony Fauci, who made similar statements on Sunday.

They Continue to Blame Unvaccinated Americans

In a talk with ABC’s This Week, Fauci said he doesn’t think we’re going to see shutdowns. He believes have a sufficient number of people in the nation is not even enough to put an end to the epidemic, but it’s enough to avoid a repeat of last winter’s scenario.

Despite this, Fauci recognized that things are likely to get worse in United States’ fight against the influenza virus; he then warned that the nation will be facing some pain and misery in the long term as a result of unprotected Americans, as well as the Delta variant’s spike.

As per statistics from the Center for Disease Control and Management, the present seven-day trend line of daily new coronavirus cases in the U.S. is 66,606, upwards of 64% over the past seven trend line of 40,597 cases. Furthermore, the percentage of cases in the United States linked to the Delta variant is expected to rise to even more than 82 percent.

About Half the Population has been Vaccinated

As per the CDC, little under half of all citizens, 49.6%, have been vaccinated as of Sunday, whereas 57.7% of the overall U.S. population has received one dosage of vaccination.

The CDC suggested that both non vaccinated and vaccinated Americans wear masks inside once more if they reside in locations where COVID infection is high or considerable, according to the organization. In May, the CDC announced that immunized Americans no longer had to wear masks outside or indoors in most situations.