Ashton Kutcher Resigns from Thorn Amid Controversy

Hollywood actor Ashton Kutcher stepped down from his position as chairman of the board at Thorn, an organization he co-founded to combat child sex trafficking. This decision comes in the wake of public backlash following Kutcher’s support for convicted rapist Danny Masterson.

Kutcher and his wife, actress Mila Kunis, had previously written letters in support of Masterson, describing him as an ‘honest’ man. These letters were made public, sparking widespread criticism and leading to a period of reflection for the couple.

They subsequently issued an apology video on social media, acknowledging their support for Masterson as ill-advised.

Masterson, a known Scientologist, was found guilty of raping two women, both former members of the church.

Despite his denial of the allegations, he was sentenced to 30 years in prison. Throughout the trial, Masterson enjoyed the unwavering support of his wife, actress Bijou Phillips.

Kutcher’s resignation from Thorn was met with understanding by the board of the charity. Ernie Allen, a Thorn board member, praised Kutcher’s decade-long commitment to child protection issues and his tireless efforts to combat sexual abuse.

He acknowledged Kutcher’s significant contribution to building Thorn into a global resource in the fight against child sexual exploitation.

However, the controversy surrounding Kutcher’s support for Masterson raises important questions about judgment and accountability.

The letters written by Kutcher and Kunis were seen by many as a painful instance of questioning victims who bravely share their experiences. This incident serves as a stark reminder that even those with the best intentions can make grave errors in judgment.

In his letter to Thorn, Kutcher admitted his mistake and expressed his desire not to distract from the organization’s mission. His decision to step down is a commendable act of accountability, demonstrating his commitment to the cause he has championed for so long.

The controversy surrounding Kutcher and Kunis’s support for Masterson underscores the importance of listening to victims and survivors of sexual abuse. It serves as a reminder that even those in positions of influence must be held accountable for their actions.

Ashton Kutcher’s resignation from Thorn is ultimately a significant development in the ongoing conversation about accountability and support for victims of sexual abuse.