Attempted Murder of Conservative Judge Stopped at Last Minute

On Wednesday, an armed California man was arrested near the house of a conservative Supreme Court Judge Brett Kavanaugh.

In police custody, the man claimed he wanted to kill the judge to achieve his life purpose.

Attempted Assassination of a Conservative Judge

Nicholas John Roske, 26, carried a gun and tactical knife alongside pepper spray, hammer, screw drivers, and duct tape while roaming near the house of justice Kavanaugh.

He told police officers that he wanted to break into the justice’s home to kill him and then himself. The potential murderer was motivated by far-left ideology which penetrated the country, recently.

Roske stated he was upset regarding the leaked Supreme Court documents, which indicate potential restrictions on abortion.

Similarly, he added he was also disturbed by the mass shooting in a Texas school, claiming Justice Kavanagh protects the Second Amendment, which allows people to acquire guns.

As he was presented before the court Wednesday, a judge asked him a series of questions during his short appearance.

When the judge asked whether he was thinking clearly while he was arrested, Roske asserted he had a “reasonable understanding,” but could not say if he was really “thinking clearly.”

Now, he will be presented before the court on June 22. If he gets convicted, he is likely to spend 20 years in prison for the attempted murder of a US Supreme Court judge.

Meanwhile, the security outside the house of justices increased in the aftermath of the episode.

Since the Supreme Court documents leaked, the White House encouraged protests outside the residences of the judges; former White House press secretary Jen Psaki hesitated to disavow the protests.

The protests were so intense they prompted Congress to work on legislation to increase the security of justices’ residences.

While the legislation has been passed by the Senate, it is yet to be taken up by the Democratic-dominated House.

Now, these protests are encouraging potential criminals to pick up arms against the conservative justices.

DHS Knew of the Threat

Just a day earlier to this unfortunate incident, the Department of Homeland Security warned about the potential risk of both domestic terrorism and foreign operations that could widen the social divisions within the country.

The department explicitly mentioned the violent abortion politics that could urge people to attack government officials, reproductive healthcare centres, and religious institutions.

Republicans have accused the Democratic narrative of motivating an attempted attack on the judge.

They blamed Senator Chuck Schumer’s protests outside the top court in 2020. He named Justice Kavanaugh and told him he would have to “pay the price” if he did not stand up to protect abortion rights.

Back then, US Chief Justice Roberts issued an immediate rebuttal, claiming these sorts of statements from such high-level officials are not only worrying, but threatening as well.