AZ Gov. Katie Hobbs Breaks Record for Most Bills Vetoed

On Tuesday, Katie Hobbs, the controversial governor of Arizona, beat the prior record for the number of measures rejected in a single legislative sitting.

Hobbs: “Veto Queen”

Apparently, the liberal Phoenix News Times refers to her as “the Veto Queen.” The previous record for the greatest number of vetoes in just one legislative session in the state of Arizona was broken by Governor Katie Hobbs.

Hobbs overruled 63 measures on Tuesday, breaking Janet Napolitano’s previous high of 58 rejects in the 158 days of the 2005 period.

In her initial year in office, Hobbs faces a Republican-controlled legislature, exactly like Napolitano, a Democratic governor who was barely appointed.

Hobbs stated at a press event last week to commemorate her 100th day in charge that she didn’t go there to veto bills.

Later, Hobbs said she made it extremely obvious that she won’t support a policy that fails to solve the actual challenges being faced. She said she wants to solve real problems for the people of Arizona.

Important Bills Vetoed

Among the legislation that she blocked are those that would have removed the food tax, raised punishments for fentanyl dealers who injure children, and mandated health care for babies born alive after abortions.

She also blocked bills that shielded schoolchildren from sentenced sex offenders and added minimum requirements for mail-in ballot verification of signatures.

According to a tweet by Kari Lake, Hobbs is Arizona’s version of Ron Burgundy. Kari said that Hobbs is not even reading the bills that she is vetoing.

An announcement by Katie Hobbs congratulating and boasting of the fresh record was posted to Twitter by Kari Lake.

The post bragged that she vetoed proposals on the one-hundredth day of the legislature’s session. Hobbs said the bills were supported by radical Republicans, but did little to tackle the problems that regular Arizonans face.