Belarus Poised to Launch Its Own Invasion of Ukraine

At the start of the fifth week, after Russian President Vladimir Putin’s soldiers first fell on Ukraine last month, Ukrainian officials warned the Belarusian army was prepared to attack.

This Will Change Everything

Ukraine’s Ministry of Defense stated there was evidence the Republic of Belarus’ military forces were planning a “direct attack” of Ukrainian territory, in a declaration posted to Facebook.

Belarus, which neighbors Ukraine to the north, was apparently used by Russian forces as a staging area.

Should the Belarus Army attack, Ukraine’s army could quickly become overwhelmed and outflanked. This would provide Russia with the break it needs in order to achieve its objectives. This would certainly change the war.

Belarusian Leader Alexander Lukashenko has been handed a harsh warning by Ukraine’s Defense Ministry.

“The direct participation of Belarusian soldiers in Russian armed violence against Ukraine, despite the wishes of the army and the overwhelming bulk of the Belarusian people, would prove to be a deadly error of Alexander Lukashenko,” the statement warned Putin’s key ally.

As per Ukrainian online publication Pravda, the General Staff of Ukraine’s Armed Forces evaluated a high threat level for “an assault from the Republic of Belarus in the Volyn area.”

As per Reuters, Lukashenko previously regretted the dissolution of the Soviet Union and attributed crises in Ukraine or elsewhere to the United States of America’s “monopoly power of our world.”

Lukashenko also called Putin as a buddy in an interview with TBS and backed him against western politicians who questioned his mental and physical competence.

Lukashenko stated of Putin, “He and I haven’t merely met as leaders of state; we’re on friendly terms. I have complete access to all of his details, both governmental and personal, to the fullest extent possible.”

He went on to say, “Putin is perfectly fit, he’s in better form than before.”

“This is a fully sane, healthy individual who is physically fit; he’s a sportsman. He’ll catch the flu at all our burials, as they say around here.”

Putin Carries On

In a departure from his recent isolation, Putin organized a pro-war rally in Moscow on Friday to commemorate the eighth birthday of Moscow’s takeover of Crimea.

The events that occurred after Russia’s incursion of Ukraine resulted in higher-than-expected battlefield casualties and an increase in authoritarian leadership.

Ukrainian army authorities stated Sunday they discovered documents indicating that Russia had authorized the dispatch of young trainees to Ukraine, amid reports of demotivation among Russian troops.

Although Putin has often stated that the army does not use cadets, images of documents obtained online show that Defense Minister Sergei Shoigu has signed instructions to the opposite.

Yunarmia cadets between the ages of 17 and 18 will be deployed to Ukraine’s front lines.