Bernie Sanders Cautions Democrats Against Ignoring the Economy Pre-Midterms

Of all the issues facing America ahead of next month’s midterm elections, the economy is the greatest weakness of the Democrats.

Joe Biden, aided by left-wing lawmakers in Congress, has passed one spending bill after the next, all to the detriment of the nation. America now faces not only sky-high inflation, but also a daunting recession.

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Democrats don’t want to admit this and instead accuse the GOP of lying when genuine concerns about the economy are brought up.

Now, Sen. Bernie Sanders, of all people, is warning Democrats against dodging talks about the economy ahead of the midterms, as reported by Newsmax.

A Closer Look at Sanders’ Message to the Democrat Party

In an op-ed published by The Guardian, Sanders said he’s “alarmed” to hear Democrats are primarily focusing on abortion as the midterm elections wrap up.

According to the left-wing senator, the GOP’s “distortions” and “lies” about the economy are running the show and Democrats need to get ahead of it.

Sanders likewise stated Democrats need to show the working class they’re willing to take the fight to “special interests” and help people who are facing financial hardship.

Right now, the polls ahead of November show, at the very least, Democrats are likely to lose the House of Representatives. The left could also end up losing the Senate as various Democrats in vital elections fall behind across the nation.

Why Democrats Won’t Take Sanders’ Advice

For Democrats to take Sanders’ advice and get ahead of the economy would mean acknowledging that economic problems exist in the first place.

Democrats don’t want to do this because their policies are the root cause of inflation, the ongoing recession, and low consumer confidence levels. There’s no way the left can get around this; therefore, they’re opting not to talk about the economy.

However, Americans are feeling the burn of a failing economy each and every day. Gas prices aren’t affordable, for one thing. People are also having to trade in grocery store trips for runs to the dollar store.

The American Rescue Plan was supposed to save the economy; instead, it gutted the economy. The Inflation Reduction Act is going to have similar outcomes as well; though Democrats are still lauding it as a win in real-time.

Republican candidates are continuing to hold Democrats’ feet to the fire when it comes to inflation and other economic problems. GOP candidates are likewise letting voters know how the economy will prove if they vote red in November.

What do you think about Bernie Sanders’ advice to Democrats concerning the economy ahead of the midterms? In the area for comments below, you’re more than welcome to let us know if you think Democrats will heed the suggestions.

This article appeared in New Vision News and has been published here with permission.