Beware, The Red Wave Is Coming!

It may be too late for them, but if the democrats are not careful, they could lose everything in the election on Tuesday. When I mean everything, I mean it. Never in the History of the United States has there been a total landslide, every single state turning Red or Blue.

The closest we got in recent history was Ronald Raegan’s massive landslide in 1984 where he won every single state except two. He even won California! Reagan’s legacy will forever live on in conservative politics and is clearly visible in Donald Trump’s presidency. Ronald Raegan was a huge force in politics, he was beloved by virtually everyone and his Reaganomics policies went on to shape modern America.

To compare the two Presidents, Raegan and Trump, is not difficult. Both Presidents were strong conservatives with a keen economic mind. In fact, many of Trump’s policies stem from the Raegan era. Their differences lie in their character. Raegan was kind, well-spoken, and considerate with his words. President Trump is seemingly the opposite, loud, brash, and lacking a filter, he is outspoken about what he believes.

Before criticizing this style, It did win Trump a seemingly impossible victory over Hillery Clinton in 2016. Why did Trump manage to accomplish this against seemingly all odds? The answer is simple, Americans Love to win, and Americans love a winner. Yes, I am quoting George Patton.
Americans love to be told they are great, love money, and love victories. President Trump offers all of the above while his opponents preach doom and gloom. To elaborate, Why would middle-class America vote for a candidate who criticizes the American way, wants to raise taxes, and wants to sell out to China? They just won’t do it!

Many people tend to forget that in the past, America punished candidates who didnt present a positive message. For example, Obama: Obama won an election on the promise, “Yes We Can!”. A positive message that Americans loved. When Raegan won his landslide, his slogan was the same as Trump’s, “Let’s Make America Great Again”. Positive messages. Does anyone know Joe Biden’s campaign slogan? I don’t… The Democrats have totally failed to market their ideas boldly. It is one of the Top reasons they will lose this election.

By the way, this is the Biden campaign slogan: “Restore The Soul of America Our best days still lie ahead This is America We are America, second to none Anything is possible No Malarkey! Build Back Better Unite for a Better America” How boring is that? It’s old fashioned, all over the place, and doesn’t have a clear message.

The Democrats have been a disaster on the campaign trail. They have failed to show up in the swing states, and have been almost invisible compared to the Trump campaign which is now having almost three rallies a day. Trump’s energy has shown through during this campaign period. Mark my words, America will reward him for this. The American voter typically rewards candidates who are the loudest, most visible and have the most energy.

The key difference between the two campaigns is as follows: Donald Trump is leading a movement of everyday Americans who hate paying taxes, and who love to win. Joe Biden is leading a resistance of boring old politicians kicking and screaming to fight for an absolute minority of radical socialists who hate the American way. In 2016 they saw the result of their mistake, yet they have done absolutely nothing to change, they doubled down. A grave mistake.

I haven’t even mentioned the scandals, lies, and flip flop policies of the Biden campaign, but I don’t need to, America has already made up its mind, there will be no Biden Presidency, and no democrat government for the next 20 years if they continue on this path of anti-American rhetoric. It’s over.