Biden Administration Leaves Migrants Out in the Cold

The Biden government has restored the notorious outdoor holding center, which formerly housed 15,000 primarily Haitian refugees for assessment and transportation.

Border Patrol authorities captured more than 100 primarily Central American immigrants under the Del Rio National Bridge early Saturday. This happened as nighttime temperatures dropped into the low 50s, as per an insider within US Customs and Immigration.

Where is the Woke Mob?

It would appear then there is no sympathy from the administration towards those seeking asylum. Perhaps this will cause further division inside the Democrat Party.

The last time migrants were kept in the baking hot sun, leftists were mildly cross, but not with the same levels of anger they showed towards Trump.

Breitbart Texas reported 1,500 individuals are being held in temporary prison cells at numerous Border Patrol posts in the Del Rio Sector; this is according to a source who asked not to be identified because he was not permitted to speak to the media.

The border agents in Del Rio are once again having trouble bringing migrants into detention centers from crossing points, due to overpopulation.

In September, the overflow staging area garnered international attention when officials held 15,000 primarily Haitian refugees in unsanitary circumstances outside. According to the insider, the event began similarly to the one on Saturday.

“It all began with us temporarily staying in the region as we waited for transportation,” the insider explained. “It progressed from a few days to a single night and to many weeks.”

It’s an Unstoppable Wave

Border agents caught or detained more than 180,000 immigrants less than two months into the current fiscal year, as per CBP sources.

In October, approximately 160,000 migrants were captured, according to an unofficial report seen by Breitbart Texas. The number of arrests increased considerably since October 2020, when agents arrested only 69,032, an almost 129 percent rise.

As per CBP data, the Del Rio area comes second in the country in terms of migrant apprehensions, trailing only the Rio Grande Valley area. The recent capture of a number of big immigrant communities in the Del Rio sector is exacerbating the agency’s logistical issues.

A gang of roughly 200 migrants, largely from Central America, jumped the Rio Grande near Normandy, Texas, just 30 miles from Del Rio, in a single occurrence. As per the source, lone adult migrants make up a major share of the detainee population at Del Rio Border Patrol stations.

Border Patrol relies on ICE to provide acceptable, longer-term custody accommodations for single adult migrants; this is a complicated element that contributes to interim processing center overpopulation.

As per the insider, an excess of 5,000 immigrants cross the southern border every day; therefore, the use of the outdoor detention area for staging could foretell future issues.

A massive, coordinated caravan of migrants is slowly progressing across Mexico, forcing Texas Governor Greg Abbott to take action to shut popular crossing locations in the Del Rio zone.