Biden Administration Releasing Chinese Illegal Immigrants Into the US

Fox News managed to film Border Patrol officers allowing illegal immigrants into the country near the southern border, but those are not typical illegal immigrants.

Chinese Illegal Immigrants

They are not even from Mexico or Central America; instead, they originated from China.

Days ago, Fox News journalist Griff Jenkins put out a clip on Twitter, displaying Border Patrol agents gathering up a bunch of Chinese illegal immigrants that just crossed over. This took place in Rio Grande Valley.

It doesn’t stop there. After this happened, Jenkins shared an additional clip of Border Patrol officials freeing a bunch of Chinese nationals with court appearance notices in Brownsville, Texas.

They were reportedly released to an NGO since a regular institution is unable to accommodate them. Huge numbers of illegal immigrants from Latin America are bad enough, but it is plain to see how the Chinese are allowed to sneak into the country.

The delicate nature of the situation is shown by how easily Chinese nationals can enter the United States, despite being so far across the globe. The status of the relationship between the U.S. and China worsens the situation.

China a Threat to America

China is most likely the top foreign adversary of the United States.

On top of that, the Chinese regime is bearing a more hostile position against both America and Taiwan, with folks believing that a battle between both of the globe’s two great heavyweights is just around the horizon.

Keeping this in mind, people have understandably been questioning if these were really immigrants or perhaps agents and spies dispatched by the Chinese government. Sen. J.D. Vance is someone who has considered this and who reacted to this revelation on Twitter.

Vance did this by inquiring if those illegals would be spying on Americans and gathering intelligence on our military bases. He ended by stating the American government doesn’t seem to care.