Biden Admits to Colluding With Facebook, Twitter For Anti-Conservative Censorship

The Biden administration appears to be in collusion with the biggest social media companies to the detriment of conservative Americans.

Dozens of its officials have been collaborating with the staff of Facebook and Twitter to censor posts and users, as revealed in documents exposed by two Republican state attorneys general.

Censorship Alliance With Big Tech Now Official

Social media censorship of conservative, Republican, and right-leaning users has been overt for years now.

New revelations, based on documents from the Department of Justice, show the federal government under Democrats has been actively making efforts to censor Americans in collaboration with the Big Tech social media platforms.

The revelation comes after Meta CEO Mark Zuckerberg admitted in an interview with libertarian podcaster Joe Rogan that back in the fall of 2020, the FBI told Facebook to censor or downplay leaks from Hunter Biden’s lost laptop.

The same leaks were also censored heavily, downplayed, or ridiculed as “Russian disinformation” by the mainstream media.

‘Massive, Sprawling Censorship Enterprise’

Documents from the Justice Department show dozens of Biden administration officials have been communicating extensively with Facebook and Twitter staffers in order to coordinate censorship efforts.

A letter by Eric Schmitt, the Republican attorney general of Missouri, and Jeff Landry, the Republican attorney general of Louisiana, revealed this.

The letter is addressed to the Department of Justice and requests more paperwork on the matter from the federal government. Its contents were reported by The Daily Caller, which obtained a copy.

The letter disclosed at least 45 employees of Biden’s Department of Health and Department of Homeland Security officials have been involved in the scheme, sending emails to the two social media giants in order to flag information for censorship.

Emails from DHHS and DHS contain information on posts the Biden administration thought should be censored, along with talking points that Facebook and Twitter were supposed to use in order to “tackle” allegedly “false narratives” spreading on their platforms.

In one email, an official from the CDC (Center for Disease Control and Prevention) asked Facebook to hold joint monthly meetings in order to come up with “debunking strategies.”

In another of the exposed emails, an official from the White House asked Facebook to remove a parody profile of White House chief medical adviser Dr. Anthony Fauci.

Another set of emails reveals Facebook collaborated with the Health Department to take down a number of Facebook groups. One of the emails says the collaboration was “critical.”

Still, another message disclosed the CDC and Twitter discussed having “regular chats,” while Twitter also invited staffers from the White House in order to inform them about the platform’s actions against vaccine “misinformation.”

A Facebook email to an employee of the Health Department shows a meeting was held about the White House’s expectations on combating “misinformation.”

In their letter to the DOJ, in which they demand more relevant documents, the attorneys general of Missouri and Louisiana declare the “limited discovery” exposed a “massive, sprawling censorship enterprise.”

This article appeared in MorningPress and has been published here with permission.