Biden Appointed Another Radical Nominee for Federal Court

Biden appointed a radical progressive, who serves on the board of an anti-police organization, to the 9th Circuit Appeals Court.

This seems to be the latest attempt by the president, who has been packing the courts with far-left nominees since assuming the White House last January.

Biden’s Radical Nominee to Occupy a Court Seat

Last month, Biden appointed Roopali Desai to the 9th Circuit Appeals Court. Desai is currently serving on the board of a far-left group, Just Communities Arizona (JCA), which believes that “prisons and jails are unnecessary.”

JCA is a self-described “abolitionist organization,” which mourned the execution of Frank Atwood, who was the rapist and murderer of an eight-year-old girl.

The organization urged Americans to spare a moment to “send Light to Frank Atwood,” his family, and everyone else who is suffering from “Arizona’s punishment system.”

Similarly, JCA believes the criminal justice system does not deliver justice, so it should be reformed radically.

Previously, JCA was named the Arizona chapter of the American Friends Service Committee (AFSC) before it was renamed earlier this year.

AFSC raised its voice against the “racist” criminal justice system, which according to them, discriminates against people of color.

Likewise, the group called for the massive defunding of the police by diverting critical resources away from the law enforcement agencies after the George Floyd murder in 2020.

Desai’s Ideology Goes Beyond Progressive Ideas

Mike Davis, the president of a judicial independence group, Article III Project, told Fox News that Desai is unfit to serve in the federal judiciary. Her record suggests that she is trying to promote a far-left agenda.

Davis further stated that Desai has tried to indoctrinate children by promoting critical race theory, while continuing her efforts against the police.

Reportedly, Desai colluded with the teachers union to file a lawsuit to challenge Arizona’s ban on controversial subjects in K-12 classrooms. Furthermore, she has worked as a Planned Parenthood lawyer in the past.

As Desai is from Arizona, Davis has urged the Democratic senators of the state, Kyrsten Sinema and Mark Kelly, not to support her during her Senate confirmation.

He noted both of the Democratic senators “should be ashamed” of themselves for supporting a radical candidate who does not represent the true ideological values of their home state.

In addition to that, Davis also encouraged Biden to withdraw the nomination of Desai to save the courts from radical ideologies.

However, with Biden’s history of nominating far-left individuals for judicial and administrative vacancies, he is unlikely to change his decision.

Nancy Abudu, Biden’s nominee for US Courts of Appeals for the Eleventh Circuit, was another such nominee who believed voter ID laws are supported by “pro-Jim Crow senators.”

Experts suggest President Biden is trying to pack as many courts as possible with these radical nominees before the midterm elections.

This article appeared in TheDailyBeat and has been published here with permission.