Biden Attacks ‘Idiot’ Heckler, ‘Trumpies’ For ‘Destroying Democracy’

(Social media video snapshot of the heckler.)

President Joe “Multiple Crises” Biden attacked a heckler who interrupted his speech in Milwaukee, Wisconsin by calling the unknown man “an idiot.”

Biden accused both the heckler and President Trump’s supporters – who he called  “Trumpies” – of “destroying democracy” in the United States.

When in Doubt, Call Heckler ‘an Idiot’

Sleepy Joe’s speech at Milwaukee Laborfest on Labor Day saw him reiterate his line of attacks against the Republican Party, Trump supporters, and the MAGA movement.

In his speech, Biden also spoke about the legislative successes of congressional Democrats and touted his support for labor unions.

At one point, a man in a suit stood up among the audience and began shouting and pointing his finger at the president on the podium, The Hill reported.

While the heckler’s rising up was caught on social medial footage, it remained unclear exactly what kind of criticism he had for Biden. The man was escorted out by security – even as Biden told law enforcement to “let him go.”

His argument for it was also his insult to the man, as the president declared everyone is “entitled to be an idiot.”

In subsequent remarks, Empty Shelves Joe was attacking the MAGA movement, Trump supporters, and also “that guy outside” (the heckler) as people who are “destroying democracy” in the United States.

During a speech in Philadelphia last Thursday, Biden was greeted with chants of “F Joe Biden” and “Let’s Go Brandon.” He said the hecklers were “entitled to be outrageous” and they have never “suffered from good manners.”

(White House photo)

Sleepy Joe Wants His ‘Mainstream Republicans’ Back

During his Labor Day speech in Wisconsin, Biden backtracked on his previous comments which described the MAGA movement supporting Trump as “semi-fascism.”

At the same time, however, he vigorously denounced what he called “the extreme right” and “the Trumpies,” accusing them of seeking to snap up workers’ social security benefits and pensions.

Empty Shelves Joe’s relative backtracking on describing MAGA as fascism, however, took a bizarre form as he chose to dwell on how not all Republicans are “MAGA Republicans.”

He lauded “mainstream Republicans,” with who he has been working throughout his entire political career. Biden accused “the Trumpies” of being filled with “anger, violence, hate, and division,” and of embracing an “extreme ideology.”

He even called upon “mainstream” Republicans and Independents to be more “determined and committed” to rescuing the US democracy.

That is because, in his words, MAGA Republicans and the heckler are “destroying democracy,” at a time when it is “at stake.”

At a second event later on Monday, in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, Biden called Trump and “new MAGA Republicans” “very extreme” and threatening to American democracy.

At the end of last month, at a private event in Bethesda, Maryland, Sleepy Joe told Democratic donors that Republicans are subscribing to “semi-fascism.”

This article appeared in MorningPress and has been published here with permission.