Biden Blunders Tragically in Holocaust Speech in Israel

(Social media footage snapshot)

Joe Biden has bestowed a brand-new international embarrassment upon the United States. In a speech ahead of visiting the biggest Holocaust memorial in Israel, he first struggled to pronounce its name and then confused “horror” with “honor.”

Biden’s Dangerous Gaffes Piling Up

Sleepy Joe’s countless gaffes have long ago left the realm of America’s domestic politics.

He keeps parroting that America will go to war with Communist China in order to defend the democratic island of Taiwan.

Of course, Biden’s speech gaffes have been only the tip of the iceberg. His actual policy blunders on the world stage have been far more damaging for America, world peace, and the free world.

That’s not even mentioning, Biden’s handling – or complete lack thereof – of the illegal immigration crisis at the Southern Border.

The Biden administration appears to be deliberating on letting millions of third-world illegals just walk over and roam freely inside the United States.

(Social media footage snapshot)

Biden Scores Double Holocaust Gaffe

Biden has had tense dealings with the Israelis.

This is largely because Kamala Harris publicly supported the woke propaganda brainwashing American youth in favor of anti-Semitism and Arab and Muslim terrorism.

Biden’s latest piling of one Holocaust gaffe on top of another, and on their home turf, probably won’t make the Israelis crazier for him, either.

Sleepy Joe arrived in Israel on Wednesday where he visited the world-famous Yad Vashem memorial.

This is the biggest site in the country dedicated to honoring the memory of the six million Jews massacred by Hitler’s Nazis during World War II, which is known as the Holocaust.

Biden went to the memorial shortly after landing in Israel.

Even as he arrived at the airport together with Secretary of State Antony Blinken and got welcomed by the Israeli leaders, he seemed lost and disoriented, as shown by video footage on social media.

In his speech right after his arrival in Israel and before going to Yad Vashem, he made a tragic double gaffe within twenty seconds.

He mispronounced the name of the memorial, and then stated today’s generations are supposed to keep alive “the honor of the Holocaust” – even though he was apparently supposed to say “horror.”

Biden declared in his speech, later in the day, he was going to once again visit the “hallowed ground of Yad Shevem” – before trying to correct himself and say the actual name of Yad Vashem.

He went on to call for remembering every single victim of the Holocaust. At this point, he said “we must keep alive” the truth, but also “the honor of the Holocaust.”

The gaffe in question was so absurd that even Biden caught it and tried to correct himself by uttering the word “horror,” but that didn’t come out very intelligibly, as he slurred it.