Biden Cancelled Yet Another Great Trump Era Policy

"Vice President Joe Biden visit to Israel March 2016" by U.S. Embassy Jerusalem is licensed under CC BY 2.0

The President of overreach and executive orders has struck again! This time removing a Trump-era apprenticeship program that empowered workers and employers by removing regulations.

Bloomberg Law said; “The White House is discontinuing a Trump administration workforce initiative that sought to deregulate government-funded apprenticeship programs by shifting oversight to industry groups.”

Biden’s plan will “instead focus on the Labor Department’s traditional registered apprenticeships favored by organized labor—which require tougher standards for program operators—as the pathway to expand the nation’s earn-as-you-learn job-training system.”

Ivanka Trump, Donald Trumps Daughter praised the program:

“POTUS has invested more than $800 million for apprenticeships with more than 860,000 NEW apprentices since 2017 + created the Industry-Recognized Apprenticeship Program (IRAP) to grow apprenticeships in new and emerging fields,” Ivanka posted on Jan. 17.

“We established a public-private sector workforce policy advisory to rethink how we prepare ALL Americans for the jobs of today and tomorrow,” she added. “Together, we created a massive ad campaign to increase awareness of the multiple pathways to good-paying jobs.”

The former US secretary of Labor Alexander Acosta and Ivanka had praised and championed the program, they said to the Miami Herald:

“Imagine if an employer joined forces with others in its industry to develop a cashier-to-store-manager program that would empower employees to have not only a job but a career — one that would allow employees to collect paychecks while at the same time learning the skills needed to climb the career ladder,” the pair outlined.

“We live in an age of acceleration, and the skills required for today’s jobs are changing more rapidly with each passing year,” they continued. “America needs to adapt its approach to skills education and be more nimble and responsive to the pace of change across all industries. We need opportunities to empower individuals to work and learn simultaneously so that students and workers of all ages and backgrounds can earn a living — and at the same time acquire the skills that will enable them to thrive in their current and future careers.”

The Biden administration seems hell-bent on destroying every good Trump policy that helped every day Americans. This form of political hostility is not surprising tho, Democrats have made their hatred of Donald Trump very well known, and as a result, have primed the political scene for such actions.

The liberal media (propaganda arm of the Democrat Party) make no apologies for defending the actions too, blatantly lying about the Trump administration policies.