Biden Continues to Struggle With Delta Variant

COVID-19’s revival is quickly taking over Joe Biden’s government; it’s casting doubt on the viability of his larger policy platform and leading Democrats into incredibly dangerous political terrain.

A New Plan is on the Cards

On Thursday, the president is due to put out a comprehensive six-point plan aimed at restoring people’s confidence as the Delta strain causes a spike in hospitalizations, fatalities, and rates of infection.

Liberals, concerned about the state of the administration and the nation, say Biden should seize the opportunity to lay out clearly how he plans to confront the pandemic’s deteriorating phase.

Getting COVID correct is the single most important problem that the Biden government confronts in the immediate short term, really, for our population health, for our financial wellbeing, and for the government’s political wellbeing, said Robert Gibbs, who worked as a White House press director during the Obama admin.

America is entering a new period and the incoming administration must be prepared to tackle the challenges of that new stage.

The address comes just weeks after the administration enjoyed a 4th of July BBQ on the White House lawn, marking a modest return to normalcy by first easing mask regulations and then lifting them.

His Approval Ratings Still Drop

Biden’s statements on Thursday will be made against a background of declining favorability ratings, owing in part to his management of the epidemic.

For the first time — as a contender or as president — a Gallup poll in the week indicated that more people disagreed with Biden’s communications on COVID than supported it. It’s a 180-degree turn from early in his administration when Biden’s management of COVID, in general, boosted his popularity.

Until recently, the president had managed to keep his head above water. As per a FiveThirtyEight polling average, around 44% of the population approves of his job performance now.

There is anger within the White House about claims that the POTUS and his administration have turned their backs on the epidemic. However, aides claim that the media redirected attention to other topics, such as the withdrawal of US Armed Forces in Afghanistan.

As proof, the White House official cited a successful summer drive to boost sagging immunization coverage, as well as the deployment of more than 700 response teams to help states dealing with rising rates of infection.

The new outbreak has been dubbed a “pandemic of the unvaccinated” by Biden, with people who have rejected the vaccine still accounting for the great majority of deaths and admissions.

Although spending a few months stressing the importance of immunizations, rates of infection remain persistently high, and institutions in hard-hit areas are once again running out of capacity in their intensive care.

Authorities from the Department of Health have expressed their dissatisfaction with the lack of clarity surrounding the necessity for booster shots and when they should be given. Parents are also concerned about school closures now that children (many of whom are unvaccinated) are rushing back into classes.