Biden Cracks Down on Gas Pipelines as Prices Soar

While gas prices have skyrocketed since 2020, the Biden-Harris government allegedly began considering the closing of a Michigan pipeline on Monday.

According to the Daily Mail, the government is contemplating a petition from 12 officially designated tribes to deactivate the 78-year-old Line 5 oil pipeline. Enbridge, a Canadian corporation, owns the pipeline.

This is going to get ugly

Enbridge is already battling various judicial fights in both federal and state courts to maintain the project operationally. Democrat Michigan Gov. Gretchen Whitmer rescinded and canceled Enbridge’s lease with the government last autumn.

Whitmer also “demanded a Line 5 closure by the springtime, which the corporation is refusing,” as per the Detroit News.

The tribes wrote to the Biden-Harris government on Friday, requesting “assistance” in ending an “imminent crisis to our peace accord freedoms, assets, and basic way of life.”

President Biden was also urged by the communities to keep his campaign pledge to “defend core interests.”

The pipeline project, they claim, violates the 1836 Convention of Washington. This “ceded Ojibwe, as well as Odawa territories in Michigan, in return for fishing, trapping, and collecting privileges on the treaty zone.”

However, Jason Hayes, director of climate policy at the Mackinac Institute for Public Policy, says shutting the project would be a violation of a deal with Canada that enables it to run between both the two nations.

Nevertheless, on Sunday, Environment Secretary Jennifer Granholm warned that petrol prices might rise to $4.00 per gallon.

When questioned on CNN if that means petrol prices in America will reach $4 a gallon in the U.S. shortly, Granholm said, “Well, we sure hope not.”

Biden needs to put the economy first

“The Biden administration is well aware of the situation. Of course, each president is upset by the fact he or she has no control over the price of gasoline, which is a worldwide market.”

She went on to say, “you can call for additional supply, which Biden has done. However, OPEC is in charge of the agenda when it comes to oil pricing. OPEC is a conspiracy that dominates over half of the gasoline supply,” Granholm stated.

The average national gas price, according to AAA, is $3.422 a barrel, more than three times higher than 2020 levels. Biden’s appeal for OPEC to enhance gasoline supply comes after the current administration canceled the Keystone XL oil pipeline’s permission in January.

According to the Press Association, the 1,200-mile pipe “would have carried up to 830,000 barrels (35 million gallons) of petroleum every day, linking in Nebraska to other lines that supply chemical plants on the US Gulf Coast.”

Will Biden cave into the pressure and destroy the American oil industry? it seems like it, but that comes as no surprise to conservatives whatsoever. It’s par for the course in Biden’s America.