Biden Deploying Vice President Kamala Harris as Secret Weapon to Instill Fear in Putin

The Biden administration made an arguably questionable decision to confront Vladimir Putin, as the Russian dictator is wreaking havoc in Ukraine after invading it 10 days ago.

Biden will deploy his “secret weapon” against the Russian autocrat, who has a solid KGB background. The “weapon” in question is Biden’s veep Kamala Harris.

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Biden Administration ‘Utilizes’ Kamala

Saturday marked the tenth day of the bloody war in which Putin attacked Ukraine from three sides.

Putin’s plan for a blitzkrieg, however, has failed miserably, thanks to the incredibly brave resistance of the Ukrainians led by their President Volodymyr Zelensky. Now, the Russian autocrat is resorting to increasingly brutal war crimes against Ukrainian civilians.

Enter Kamala Harris, Biden’s highly questionable veep, who, despite being 22 years his junior, is no less gaffe-prone than her boss.

The White House confirmed on Friday that Kamala will be sent right next to the borders of Ukraine, just as it is being mauled by Putin’s hordes.

This is meant to show America’s resolve to back the Ukrainians by all means necessary, other than putting boots on the ground.

Kamala is going to visit Poland and Romania, two of the most pro-American nations in Europe.

Kamala is Skipping the Ukrainian Border

According to the announcement by Sabrina Singh, a deputy press secretary of the White House, Kamala is going to shy away from actually visiting Ukraine’s border in Poland or in Romania.

The vice president is going to stick only to visiting the capitals of Poland and Romania, Warsaw and Bucharest, respectively. She will not be getting her hands dirty on the ground by meeting real Ukrainian refugees.

It is worth noting that Kamala Harris has not even visited the US – Mexico border, in spite of the devastating influx of rampant illegal immigration.

Harris has already made several foreign trips already, substantially more than Sleepy Joe himself; although their results have been either non-existent, or highly questionable at best.

Most recently, four days before Putin sent in his troops to try to overwhelm and conquer Ukraine for him, Kamala actually spent a full weekend at the Munich Security Conference in Germany.

During this time and among other things, the vice president met with Ukraine’s yet-to-become-a-hero leader, Volodymyr Zelenskyy.

In her speech and interviews in Munich, Kamala issued repeated grave threats towards Putin. The vice president bragged about how the Russian dictator would be deterred by western sanctions, but apparently to no avail.

Considering how gaffe-prone Kamala is, and her limited expertise in international politics, if anything, her upcoming visit to Poland and Romania will hardly sway Putin in any way.

However, the best the Biden administration could hope for is for her to manage to avoid making any major blunders.