Biden Deserts Americans in Afghanistan

Joe Biden has been derelict in his duty since he got into the White House; however, his foreign policy blunder in Afghanistan takes the cake. Thanks to Biden, terrorist organizations such as ISIS-K and the Taliban are thriving.

Meanwhile, American citizens are still trapped in Afghanistan. The Taliban set today, August 31, as the deadline by which our government can carry out extractions. Rather than committing to getting out every single American, Biden fell in line with what the Taliban wants.

Yesterday, the final U.S. troops departed from Afghanistan; however, Americans are still trapped in the dangerous, terrorist-controlled country, as Fox News reports.

No Word on Americans Who Remain in Kabul

At this time, there is no word on what the Biden administration plans to do regarding Americans who are still in Afghanistan. However, the White House confirmed on Monday that a so-called “small amount” of Americans do remain in Kabul. This “small amount” is at least hundreds of U.S. citizens.

At this point, it truly appears as though this president is OK with simply handing Americans over to the Taliban. Days ago, Biden publicly said there is no iron-clad guarantee that our government can get everyone out of Kabul. Sure enough, Americans remain stranded at this very moment.

This morning, news broke that the State Department is interfering with former military members carrying out evacuations for Americans still in Kabul. Meanwhile, this sorry president is also instructing America’s partner countries not to let rescue flights containing American refugees land.

Biden’s more concerned with falling in line with the Taliban’s demands than he is with not leaving Americans behind. He has broken his oath of office by continuously appeasing terrorists at the expense of U.S. citizens’ lives.

This, along with Biden handing a list of U.S. names over to Taliban terrorists, is grounds for the impeachment of this asinine buffoon.

What Comes Next?

It is hard to say what comes next, at this time. Because Congress has the power to oversee America’s executive branch, Republican lawmakers are working on a plan of action.

Just earlier this morning, House Minority Leader Kevin McCarthy called for House Speaker Nancy Pelosi to bring members back to session accordingly. Thus far, Pelosi has yet to do this; meanwhile, the lives of Americans hang in the balance.

The situation in Afghanistan will have long-term impacts on world history and on the Biden administration. This is especially true if Biden fails to get stranded Americans out of Afghanistan and instead leaves our own citizens to be slaughtered.

What do you think about President Biden surrendering our own American citizens over to the Taliban in order to meet their set deadline? Share your insight with us in the comments section below.