Biden Destroys Everything He Touches

Never once in recent history has the United States been stuck with a leader who failed so spectacularly, destroying whatever he touched. It’s not like Biden has to deal with crisis after a catastrophe.

Americans recognize that terrible things happen and the government does not wield a magic button. Yet, that isn’t the case in this circumstance. This isn’t 9/11, the coronavirus, or Iran kidnapping Americans.

Biden is in charge of everything. Biden’s poor judgment, damaging policies, deteriorating mental agility, and lack of compassion for anybody other than himself are directly responsible for every catastrophe and disaster.

Matters are so far worse than things were previously only after eight months in office that it doesn’t seem genuine.

Resolving the coronavirus epidemic

Biden walked into the White House and was presented with a miraculous vaccine by the Trump administration. Biden only had to go and sell a complimentary miraculous vaccine—which he really can not even do.

For instance, he spent far too much time throughout the 2020 campaign trying to warn people not to believe the “Trump Vaccine” that many of his supporters, especially a significant percentage of black Americans, no longer do.

Then, rather than extolling the virtues of the vaccine and how it signifies a return to normalcy, fully-vaccinated Biden continued to wear a mask.

Even to this day, when the top reasons to get immunized are death and hospital entry rates, Biden refuses to sell them. Rather, he’s back to the shadows behind a mask and using intimidation and humiliating efforts to persuade the unvaccinated (i.e., Trump voters) to stay untreated.

Biden’s economic plan

The economy is suffering as a result of Biden’s disastrous mismanagement of the coronavirus. Nothing kills the economic system like ambiguity and Biden’s claim that the unvaccinated are a danger to the vaccinated.

This claim is implying the nearly 180 million Americans who are fully immunized are unable to go about their daily lives. That is not only utterly untrue, but it also killed the economic expansion that was already exploding under Trump.

There is also Biden’s insane level of government expenditure, which is causing record inflation and eroding everyone’s wage increases.


Biden’s blunder in Kabul is one of the most egregiously sloppy mistakes in American and global history. 13 American personnel were killed: 11 US Marines, one American soldier, and a Navy medic.

Scores of Americans are stuck inside Taliban lines, and the scenario is becoming increasingly bleak and dangerous. Biden also gave the Taliban hundreds of billions of dollars in operable US war weaponry, instead of having it all dismantled.


The left’s irrational support of cutting funding for the police, weakening the police, releasing violent extremists like Black Lives Matter (as well as Antifa), opening jails, and effectively legalizing rioting has resulted in unprecedented increases of crime rates.