Biden Forced to Backtrack on Key Promises

Following the discovery of the omicron strain, President Biden gradually backed away from past threats to “shut down the infection,” saying the US must first “fight it back” before “shutting it down.”

Biden Forced to Backtrack on COVID Promise

On the presidential campaign trail, Biden repeatedly stated if chosen, he would “turn off” the virus.

Ex-President Trump’s “ineptness” “forced the nation to have to shut down in significant part,” according to Biden, who guaranteed voters his government would handle the pandemic more effectively.

The president’s rhetoric is less powerful; his promises are less extravagant when the latest variation, omicron, begins to appear in the United States.

“Before we close it down, we have to beat it back. Look, this is going to take time all around the world.” When questioned on if he still planned to “shut down” COVID, Biden answered, “in order to combat COVID, we need to shut it down worldwide.”

The term “beat it back” has become more popular in recent months in the Biden government, replacing the “shut it down” message that defined Biden’s early pledges.

“Experts think COVID-19 instances will continue to grow this season, and we will see more omicron instances here in the United States in the weeks, months, and days to come,” Biden stated in a USA Today op-ed published Thursday evening.

“I’m sure citizens are tired of COVID-19 and want to know when it’ll be over, and the newer version is only adding to their anxiety.”

POTUS isn’t the only one who is lowering ambitions. Jen Psaki, the White House press secretary, voiced alarm about the omicron variation, which sparked international curiosity.

When asked about Biden’s commitment to “shut down” the disease, Psaki said in a Thursday news briefing, “I would say, there is a lot we don’t understand about the variation yet.”

“I understand how difficult and annoying this is for Americans, for all of you. We also want to provide health authorities, who are on call 24 hours a day, the space and time they need to analyze the situation and provide recommendations.”

The Administration is Doing Damage Control

Psaki emphasized the omicron variant’s large number of unknown characteristics, speculating that more immunizations and masks could revert the United States back to “a version of normality.”

“As Dr. Fauci and our health researchers have discussed, there are a variety of possibilities. It could be less lethal or more lethal. We have no idea. So all I want to say is that’s the next stage in the process,” Psaki went on.

At this point, it is readily apparent that Biden is not going to be able to “shut down” COVID as he claimed. What’s more is the excuses from the White House put this reality on full display.