Biden Gets a Slap in the Face From America’s Oil and Gas Workers

From the day he set foot in the Oval Office, Joe Biden was on a crusade to kneecap this country’s oil and gas industry.

President Trump made us energy independent and got America to the point where we didn’t need to rely on corrupt oil merchants in the Middle East any longer.

Whereas Biden had other plans. He wanted to ram through the green energy illusions that his handlers put into his brain.

According to him, we should all be driving electric cars and floating on rainbows. Well, his Build Back Better (BBB) bill was stopped from full passage. Yet, portions are already being pushed through after Senators Joe Manchin and Kyrsten Sinema folded.

Nonetheless, this country’s huge gas prices and energy crisis aren’t just going away. Now, a judge ordered Biden to let the oil and gas companies drill and stop playing around.

Drilling the Truth Into Biden

The truth is this country is still powered mainly by oil and gas. If Biden doesn’t like it, that’s great, but it can’t be changed overnight. Trying to force it through with green socialism is a terrible globalist idea.

Now, Judge Terry Doughty of Louisiana’s Western District has come through with a strong ruling against Biden, telling him his command in January of 2021 to shut down oil exploration on federal land in 13 states was illegal.

Specifically, Texas, Utah, Georgia, Mississippi, Alabama, Alaska, Arkansas, Missouri, Nebraska, Oklahoma, and West Virginia have been required to sell oil and gas leases.

If a company applies for a lease to drill and they are eligible to do so, the Department of the Interior has to move the process forward. Biden’s attempt to block this was unconstitutional. Doughty let him know loud and clear.

A Last Minute Surprise

Doughty’s order came as a bit of a surprise. Only one day before, the appellate court rejected an injunction from Doughty and said Biden’s ban was legitimate.

The decision was from a liberal appeals court in New Orleans. Biden and his crew were ready to celebrate. Then, on Thursday, Doughty came down and smacked this nonsense down where it belongs.

Biden’s regime is likely to appeal this as well and take Doughty on, but it’s pretty much redundant at this point.

Manchin already got him to agree to a lot of these improvements in return for passing portions of BBB several weeks ago.

The Bottom Line

Biden needs to face reality and stop letting globalism run his administration. The country is choking on fumes; exploration needs to be resumed wherever and whenever possible at this point.

If Biden wants to show any hint of real leadership, he will accept Doughty’s ruling and let these states proceed with leases for exploration on federal land.

This article appeared in Mainstpress and has been published here with permission.