Biden Gets ‘Special Delivery’ of Illegal Immigrants to His Delaware Beach House

(TV snapshot from Fox News)

President Joe “Open Borders” Biden is getting a “special delivery” at his beach house in Rehoboth, Delaware.

Florida’s Republican Governor Ron DeSantis appears to have sent a planeload of illegal immigrants from the pool of some five million who invaded the United States on Sleepy Joe’s watch so far.

Biden’s Beloved Beach House Getting (Un)wanted Guests

Rehoboth, Delaware, which includes Biden’s second home, was set on Tuesday to become the latest high-profile, Democrat-connected location to get to know the influx of illegal aliens first-hand.

Illegal immigrants have already been shipped off by Texas’ Republican Governor Greg Abbott to Washington, DC, New York City, and Chicago, all of them claiming the status of “sanctuary cities.”

DeSantis followed suit by starting to ship off illegals on his state’s behalf – except, unlike Abbott’s bus trips, he has been using chartered flights to fly the migrants.

His first target became the wealthy community of Martha’s Vineyard island, which hosts the luxury mansions of Barack Obama, Larry David, and Oprah Winfrey, among others.

The affluent community was so shocked by the special delivery of only 50 Venezuelan migrants that it declared a “humanitarian crisis.” Then, Martha’s Vineyard managed to get rid of illegals in less than 48 hours by having them shipped to a nearby US military base.

(Daily Mail)

All Illegals Set for Trips to Delaware

The same charter plane that DeSantis used to fly illegal immigrants to Martha’s Vineyard was headed on Tuesday to Rehoboth, Delaware, The Daily Mail reported.

The same house is presently undergoing a security upgrade with half a million in taxpayers’ money for the construction of a new fence. According to the report, DeSantis’ migrant plane was set to land at Georgetown around 1:30 pm EST.

The airplane departed from Longview, Texas, before making stops in San Antonio, Texas, and then in Crestview, Florida. After landing on Delaware’s coast, the plane is setting off for Teterboro Airport, New Jersey.

The same plane flew on September 14 from San Antonio, Texas, to Crestview, Florida, and from there off to Martha’s Vineyard, carrying the 50 illegal Venezuelans.

Over the weekend, Lieutenant Governor of Florida, Jeanette Nunez, said the DeSantis administration is going to send any illegal immigrants found in her state to Biden’s home state of Delaware.

Meanwhile, DeSantis himself blasted the Democrat elite’s alleged care for the welfare of the illegals as a “fraud.”

At the same time, lawyers representing 30 of the 50 Venezuelans flown to the rich island called for a criminal investigation into DeSantis, claiming he lied to the illegals, saying they would get jobs and support on Martha’s Vineyard.

Javier Salazar, a Democratic sheriff in Bexar County, Texas, also announced an investigation into the Florida governor, accusing him of “kidnapping.”

DeSantis responded in kind, lambasting both the accusations and the lefty sheriff himself, whose jurisdiction recently became the site of a gruesome discovery when bodies of 50 illegal immigrants were found after suffocation in a trailer tractor.

This article appeared in BeyondNews and has been published here with permission.