Biden Invents ‘Bubble-Up’ Policy in Bid to Woo Working Class, ‘Save’ Oregon

President Joe “Empty Shelves” Biden seems to have invented a new type of economic policy – “bubble-up” economics – to woo increasingly disgruntled working and middle-class folks.

This happened on a visit to Oregon, a hardcore leftist state that could turn red by electing a Republican governor next month for the first time in 40 years.

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Democrats Reaping What They Sowed in Oregon

Rampant crime and homelessness brought about by leftist Democrats created a situation in which a GOP candidate could win the gubernatorial election in Oregon during the November midterms.

Republican Christine Drazan presently polls as having a small lead over Democrat Tina Kotek. Biden was in Portland, Oregon on Friday and Saturday to try to prop up his party’s candidate.

As he introduced Kotek at a Democratic rally, Biden told the leftist crowd she was “lion-hearted,” as cited by The Daily Mail.

He warned Democratic voters that the stakes vote are extremely high. To scare off the leftist voters in Oregon, he claimed that Trump would be directly in control of the state government if Brazan won the upcoming election.

Speaking at the Carpenters Institute of the Pacific Northwest, Sleepy Joe insisted the Oregon gubernatorial election was a vote that “matters well beyond” the borders of the state.

The last time Oregon had a Republican governor was exactly 40 years ago – back in 1982. Biden’s message to the Oregon voters, however, didn’t seem to promise any sort of a tangible solution to growing crime and homelessness crises caused by his own party.

(Daily Mail video snapshot)

Biden Vows Trickle Up and Down From the Middle Class

Empty Shelves Joe’s main message was his administration passed legislation that would bring down inflation; in September, however, one of the key inflation indicators shot up for the first time in several months.

The Democrat narrative in question lies in contradiction with the reality on the ground, which sees more and more working-class support for the Republican Party across the board.

In his address in Portland, Oregon, Biden argued America had been living by the “trickle-down” principles, which emphasis would be on making sure that the “wealthy do well.”

“I’m a bubble-up guy,” Multiple Crises Joe declared, using bizarre wording to describe his supposedly leftist economic policy preferences. Biden didn’t seem to promise a focus on working-class Americans, dwelling instead on the need to stimulate the middle class.

He declared his understanding that if the middle class “does well,” then the wealthy would “do just fine,” and at the same time, the working class would “have a way up.”

During the 2020 presidential election, Joe Biden won Oregon with a 16-point lead.

A Clout Research poll released earlier this week showed that Republican Drazan led Democrat Kotek by 43.8% to 38.4%. Independent Betsy Johnson polled 11% support.

 This article appeared in BeyondNews and has been published here with permission.