Biden Lies During State of the Union Address

When President Joe Biden asserted that some members of Congress were attempting to reduce Social Security and Medicare in return for increasing the debt ceiling, numerous Republicans began shouting at him.

This happened throughout Biden’s State of the Union speech on Tuesday evening.

Biden Tells Outrageous Lies

Biden made the outrageous claim, despite the fact that House Speaker Kevin McCarthy said consistently that it is out of the question.

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The Republican half of the House chamber burst in outrage, forcing the president to take a brief break from speaking.

McCarthy, who was sitting behind Biden, was seen smirking. Footage showed fiery Rep. Marjorie Taylor Greene getting up from her chair and calling Biden a liar.

McCarthy had to keep silencing members of his own party in order for Biden to speak.

In response to the Republican Party’s criticism, the president said he was happy to see their reaction. Biden, therefore, felt the two parties may reach an agreement that Social Security and Medicare ought not to be reduced.

Throughout his address, Biden endured a few further bouts of jeering.

Once Biden started speaking about fentanyl fatal overdoses, an unnamed Republican lawmaker shouted it was Biden’s fault. Greene hollered about China spying at another point in the speech.

Throughout a joint congressional session in 2009, GOP Rep. Joe Wilson shouted that former President Barack Obama was lying, setting off a huge commotion. After delivering the remark, he instantly collected upwards of $1 million for his campaign.

In an assault on former President Trump, who Biden avoided mentioning throughout his speech, Biden claimed the former president added the most to the national debt.

Among the major topics looming over Biden’s speech as the evening wore on was the debt ceiling; although, he just briefly touched on it.

The White House stated several times that it will not negotiate with Republicans to reduce spending in return for increasing the debt ceiling, despite the fact McCarthy maintains that such a reduction is necessary.

McCarthy has not, however, made clear which specific initiatives he wants to see reduced, other than to say Social Security and Medicare are not going to be impacted.

America Faces Possible Recession

According to Treasury Secretary Janet Yellen, the federal government is being given until the beginning of June to elevate the debt ceiling.

Otherwise, the nation won’t be able to fulfill its obligations, which will likely cause stock prices to plummet and plunge the US economy into a crisis.

Previously, Sen. Rick Scott proposed a rule requiring federal legislation to immediately expire after five years. This is a rule that might cover the two well-known programs.

Biden, as well as other Democrats, blamed Republicans for supposedly wanting to eliminate Social Security and Medicare.