Biden Literally Gifted Human Smugglers Over $10 Billion

As President Joe Biden flounders to address Ukraine’s border confrontation with Russia, the U.S. border is susceptible to a plethora of criminality rapidly pouring into all 50 states. 

Biden’s border catastrophe made it simpler for multinational criminal gangs to become more prosperous and strong in just a year and a half. 

$13 Billion!

DHS boasted last week that it “exceeded 5,000 smuggler arrests” and “increased human smuggling disruption efforts by 500%.” Since Biden’s inauguration, traffickers have guided thousands upon thousands of unauthorized border crossers into the U.S. 

In May 2018, Homeland Security Secretary Kirstjen Nielsen said people smuggling groups make “$500 million a year or more.”  She said international crime organizations profit from human smuggling. They are not charitable.

Smugglers prioritize profits over humans. Therefore, when aliens bribe them to come here, they provide $500 million annually or more to groups supporting violence and insecurity in America and the region.

Over four years later, the crime syndicates that scouted border gaps, and used them to stream two million illegal immigrants into the U.S. in 12 months, are hauling in an astounding $13 billion each year. 

The same gangs and criminal rings accountable for Mexico’s corruption now run a multibillion-dollar enterprise. They have the funding, experience, and lack of governmental accountability to perpetuate their murderous smuggling business for decades to come. 

VP Kamala Harris and top U.S. Customs and Border Protection authorities have blamed Republican politicians for the migrant influx in recent weeks. 

The border situation was a nightmare before refugees reached Martha’s Vineyard and Harris’ home. Biden’s rollback of Trump-era border security led Governors Abbott and DeSantis to respond. 


Biden set loose illegals and all the criminal activity they bring when he eliminated key border security measures, like the “Remain in Mexico” policy.

This mandated that asylum-seekers await court rulings in Mexico. Biden also removed Title 42, a guideline designed to hasten the removal of illegal crossings during the COVID-19 pandemic. 

His flawed border discourse everywhere the eyes can see encouraged migrants to enter the country illegally. Even illegal border crossers admit this.

The frontier has become a magnet for human smuggling and the importation of illicit, lethal substances like fentanyl, which is causing the nation’s overdose crisis.

Even non-criminals are stashing illicit abortion pills from Mexico in their luggage to transmit to American mothers and middle school girls in pro-life states. 

Since the majority of Americans trust Republicans more than Democrats to manage immigration and border security concerns, red candidates in critical midterm races are advocating for solutions the White House and Congress are afraid to embrace.

If Republicans will effectively curb the border, “terrorists” remains to be seen. Still, one thing is clear: Biden’s enabling of the calamity has only been great business for traffickers who abuse migrants.

This article appeared in NewsHouse and has been published here with permission.