Biden makes another humiliating gaffe


Joe Biden is getting ridiculed by his political rivals again after the presumptive Democratic presidential nominee kept the gaffes flowing during a campaign event in Pennsylvania. This time Biden announced in hushed awe that 120 million Americans, about a third of the total population, had died from COVID-19.

During the Thursday event, Biden said, “People don’t have a job, people don’t know where to go, they don’t know what to do. Now we have over 120 million dead from COVID.”

The real figure is just over 122 thousand according to various sources.

Grab the popcorn, Biden is out of his basement

Maybe Joe Biden had in mind how many millions of dollars his son Hunter has earned through the corrupt deals that Joe has helped set him up with, involving the companies Bohai Harvest in China and Burisma Holdings in Ukraine, though the figure is probably too low.

The Trump reelection campaign pounced on the gaffe, referring to Biden as ‘very confused’ and comparing it to an earlier gaffe in which Biden claimed that 150 million Americans had been killed in gun violence since 2007. The Trump campaign has recently launched a website,, to catalog evidence of Biden’s mental decline. 

Biden made the gaffe in Lancaster Pennsylvania during an appearance to announce his healthcare platform. Biden has pledged to defend Obamacare. Meanwhile, Trump has just won a court battle to force hospitals to disclose to patients what basic medical procedures actually cost for the hospitals.

As Biden emerges from his basement for more campaign events, more gaffes are expected.

The stakes are huge in November


The Biden campaign’s policy of keeping the ex-VP hidden in his basement has paid off, with polls now giving him around a ten-point lead over Trump. That pales in comparison to Hillary’s ‘sure-thing’ poll numbers in 2016, and Trump enjoys the benefits of incumbency. Besides, Special Investigator John Durham’s investigation into the origins of Russiagate is proceeding despite the coronavirus lockdown. Indictments of top Obama-era officials are anticipated toward the end of summer. Recent documents have shown that Biden lied about his involvement in setting the perjury trap for former Trump Administration National Security Adviser Michael Flynn.

Just as in 2016, the stakes are incredibly high for the Democrats in the upcoming election. Trump has been able to appoint a record of federal judges and supreme court justices, shaping the nation for decades to come. Meanwhile, the only way for top Obama-era officials to escape jail time may be to retake power in November.