Biden Makes Stunning Admission During Press Conference

President Joe Biden predicted Fox News will probably continue to broadcast for the foreseeable future, while television news rivals, such as CNN and MSNBC, would be “not in the mix within the next four to five years.”

This occurred during Biden’s heavily derided media briefing on Wednesday, his first in ten months.

Biden Predicts It Will

After veering off subject, while responding to a question regarding school closures, the president made the forecast.

Yahoo News’ Alexander Nazaryan asked Biden if “Republican politicians will politicize this story” that Democrats permitted public schools to stay closed because of COVID-19 concerns.

“Could classroom closures or reopenings become a powerful midterms topic for conservatives to reclaim the suburbs?” he wondered.

Numerous studies indicate the power of teaching unions and the proportion of voters supporting the Democrat Party influenced school closing decisions more than COVID-19.

However, Biden recognized that “it could be” a problem in this November’s election results, but called the charge “far-fetched.”

Biden then veered off into a rant about his own dismal poll numbers before speculating on the fate of cable news channels.

“One of the things I think is interesting about what’s happening (but you’re all coping with this every day, and how things will go) is a lot of the conjecture in the poll results says cable news channels are going south.”

“They’re losing viewers. Did you know this?” Biden inquired.

Fox News is the Best!

Joe Biden went on to say that Fox News Channel appeared to be significantly more resilient than rivals, such as MSNBC or CNN.

“Well, Fox News is fine for some time, but it’s not gated,” the president remarked, presumably referencing the fact that Fox News, like its competitors, is accessible on basic cable.

“In the next four to five years, a lot of the others are anticipated to be out of the mix,” he said.

“I don’t understand if that notion is real or not,” Biden immediately clarified, adding, “I’m no authority in any of this.”

The president’s unpopularity appears to back him up. Fox News, not only cable news, completed its sixth year with the top station in all basic cable of 2021.

FNC’s primetime ratings in 2021 were nearly equivalent to the combined audiences of CNN and MSNBC.

During the same time period, CNN’s audience plummeted. In the first week of January, CNN had an average viewership of 548,000 people, down from 2.7 million the year before.

As per the New York Post, throughout that time, the channel “lost 90 percent of its evening viewership among its core demographic and 91 percent of Americans ages 18 to 49.”

Biden seems unsure if Americans choose one of the many cable news stations to learn the truth or to avoid coverage that contradicted their pre-existing ideological opinions.