Biden: New COVID Restrictions “Probably” Coming

The freedom vs. tyranny fight continues on. Between Tony Fauci, the CDC, and the Biden administration, there is an all out assault being waged against the freedoms of Americans. The framing of this assault really doesn’t matter. 

It’s immaterial that the Biden administration is using the “Delta variant” to justify more restrictions and lockdowns. America tried that route in 2020 and the results were devastating. Countless people lost everything. Meanwhile, mental health took a nosedive, but suicides, domestic violence, etc. went up. 

Leftists don’t care. They love the power and control that shutting Americans down brings. This is why Biden stated earlier this morning that Americans should anticipate new COVID restrictions since the Delta variant is here, per Breitbart News


When Biden spoke to the media on Friday, he made it very clear that more restrictions could be coming. Biden stated that in light of the Delta variant, Americans should, in all likelihood, be ready for more mandates and infringements. 

This rhetoric comes amid the White House indicating that they are more than willing to revert back to lockdowns if the almighty CDC recommends it. This comes in spite of all the harm lockdowns did, an inconvenient truth Democrats refuse to acknowledge. 

Like Fauci and the CDC, the Biden administration relishes in shutting people down, controlling them, and otherwise inserting the government into people’s lives. They have no regard for personal freedoms, individual liberty, business ownership, or the rights of people to make their own medical choices. 

Thankfully, states’ rights still exist, even with the Biden administration in the White House. This ultimately means that governors will have the true say on whether or not restrictions and mandates make a comeback in the United States. 

The Role of Leadership in America

Elections have consequences. If America had a Republican president right now, there wouldn’t even be conversations about going into another round of lockdowns. The leadership in the White House right now is terrible and it’s emboldening people who want to take an ax to freedoms. 

It is vital for Republicans to be voted into more public offices. This applies not just at the national and state levels, but also city and school counsel levels. At this point, Democrats are trying as hard as possible to erode freedoms.

These people are openly stating that they don’t care about freedoms; they believe things like individual liberty needs to be put aside indefinitely. That’s not what America is about as a nation. The only solution is voting out the Biden administration and other Democrats in positions of power. 

What do you think about Democrats pushing for more shutdowns, more restrictions, and the erosion of individual liberties? Let us know below in the comments section.