Biden Refuses to Visit Crisis-Laden Southern Border

President Joe Biden refused to see the southern border during his visit to the border neighboring state of Arizona. Biden claimed dealing with the border crisis is not his priority, so he will not visit the border.

Biden Declined to Visit Chaotic Southern Border

Since assuming the presidency, Biden has yet to visit the chaotic southern border. Even though he is traveling to the bordering state of Arizona this time, Biden will still not visit the border.

On Monday, the White House claimed that Biden is visiting Arizona for the celebration of jobs creation in the manufacturing industry and the passage of the CHIPS and Science Act.

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Just before his departure to Arizona on Tuesday, Fox News White House correspondent Peter Doocy asked Biden why he is trying to avoid visiting the border.

Responding to this, Biden noted he is dealing with more important things at the moment. Likewise, Biden added the government is about to invest billions of dollars in Arizona, which is his primary motive for visiting the state.

Biden’s ignorance of the southern border came at a time when nearly five million illegal immigrants have entered the United States since the beginning of his presidency. 

While many immigrants were apprehended by border security forces, others made their way successfully into the United States.

Biden Putting National Security At Risk

Meanwhile, Biden’s outright refusal to visit the southern border urged many Republicans to criticize the president.

Yuma’s conservative Mayor Douglas J. Nicholls noted Biden should visit the southern border during his visit to Arizona in order to get a reality check about the deteriorating condition of the southern border.

However, the White House went into damage control mode after listening to Republicans’ criticism. The White House told Fox News improving the US economy, competing against China, and bringing jobs into the American market are currently some top priorities of Biden.

Furthermore, the White House asserted Biden is only interested in fixing the real problems and not doing any political stunts.

Although Biden claimed border security is not among his top priorities, Americans believe otherwise. A recently conducted Gallup survey established immigration is the second most important issue for Americans, apart from economic problems.

Biden’s refusal to prioritize American border security can have far-reaching consequences. The open border policies of the Biden administration were already inviting terrorists and drug cartels into the United States, but still, the president is reluctant to prioritize border security. 

Even before assuming the White House, Biden largely avoided the southern border. Reportedly, he had only one drive-by visit to the border in New Mexico in 2008, when he visited the state for a political campaign.

During Biden’s presidency, the border crisis touched unprecedented heights. The surging open border crisis also offended border security officials who openly condemned progressive border policies of the incumbent administration. 

This article appeared in Right Wing Insider and has been published here with permission.